Who Is Monica Turner? Relationship With Ex-Husband Mike Tyson

Pediatrician Monica Turner also goes by the name Monica Teresa Turner. But as the spouse of former boxing great Mike Tyson, she gained notoriety.

Throughout his illustrious career, Tyson, who is Monica Turner ex-wife and is regarded as one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time, acquired a number of monikers, including “Iron Mike,” “Kid Dynamite,” and “The Baddest Man on the Planet,” among others.

Turner and her ex-husband Tyson actually grew closer while the boxer was incarcerated. They started dating soon after Tyson’s release, and two years into their relationship, they got engaged. However, their union could not endure, and in the early 2000s, they divorced in a highly publicized manner. Turner explained that their breakup was due to Mike’s adultery.

Every aspect of Monica Turner’s life—her parents, her early years, and more—will be discussed in this article.

Who Are the parents of Monica Turner?

Turner, Mike Tyson’s second wife, is the Maebasell Steele and John Turner’s child. Her father was a truck driver in the past.

In addition, her parents adopted Michael Steele, Monica’s half-brother. Former Maryland lieutenant governor Michael served in that prestigious position from 2003 to 2007. He is an attorney as well as a political commentator.

Her family lived in a modest house in the Petworth neighborhood of Northwest Washington.

Age and Early Life of Monica Turner

Turner was born in late February 1969 in Washington, D.C.’s Northwest neighborhood of Petworth. She will be 52 in 2022. Alongside Michael, her older half-brother, she grew up.

In addition, Tyson’s second wife is mixed-race and an American by nationality.

She studied medicine in college.

Regina High School was a girls’ Catholic school that Monica Turner attended. Later, she enrolled at the University of Virginia, where she majored in biology and psychology.

Additionally, Monica earned her medical degree from Georgetown University in 1995. She later became an expert in pediatrics.

What Is Monica Turner Doing Now in Her Career?

The ex-wife of Tyson is a pediatrician. Turner always wanted to be a pediatrician, according to Dominique Wilmot, a classmate of hers at Georgetown, who spoke with The Washington Post. He stated:

She adores children. When you choose to work with children, you develop a unique bond, and she does. She is tolerant. extremely patient

The child specialist also owns Debonair Attire, a trendy clothing business. Her son Amir Tyson, who is currently the CEO of the business, founded it.

In the sections that follow, let’s talk about Monica’s contentious marriage to Mike Tyson and their hefty divorce settlement.

When did Tyson first meet Monica Turner?

At an Eddie Murphy party held at his New Jersey estate in 1990, the couple first got to know each other. The same year, Monica enrolled in a Georgetown University program designed to attract underrepresented groups to the medical field.

As of March 26, 1992, when Tyson was given a six-year prison sentence in Indiana, sources claim the two were having a secret relationship. The boxer was also sentenced to four years of probation for raping Desiree Washington, a contestant in a beauty pageant who was 18 years old.

Muhammad Siddeeq, Tyson’s closest friend and advisor, stated to The Washington Post in the meantime,

“The connection grew long before the prison.”

Siddeeq also disclosed that their relationship at the time intensified.

“But I believe it developed during prison. She was by his side all the time as they communicated through letters and phone calls.

Up until the boxing legend’s release in March 1995 after serving roughly three years in prison, Turner routinely flew to Indianapolis to visit him.

Charles Williams, a representative for Tyson, said of their relationship in the same interview, “It’s mutual respect and admiration for each other. She has fallen in love with a man whom she respects and admires for his will to persevere despite his personal hardships.

Following Tyson’s Release, the Relationship

Soon after his release, Monica settled into her ex-boyfriend Tyson’s opulent lifestyle. The two went to his mansion outside of Cleveland first. They then went to his Las Vegas property, which cost $3.7 million at the time.

After dating for two years, they got married.

Prior to getting married in April 1997, Turner and her then-boyfriend Tyson dated for a few years. The two married in a Muslim ceremony at their Bethesda residence. Muhammad Siddeeq, Tyson’s spiritual advisor, presided over the astounding event.

Tyson, however, ran into legal issues once more in August 1998, just a year after their wedding, for assaulting two drivers. In February 1999, he was given the mandate to spend a year behind bars at the Montgomery County Detention Center.

Monica was always there for her man through thick and thin, despite his legal drama and other significant issues. However, their union couldn’t last for long, and in 2002, after five years of marriage, the two decided to part ways.

What Factors Led To Their Divorce?

Early in 2002, Mike Tyson’s then-wife Monica filed for divorce from him, blaming their split on Tyson’s adultery. Turner used to spend most of his time outside of the home, according to divorce documents filed with the Montgomery County Circuit Court.

In her affidavit, the pediatrician further asserted that Mike, a notorious womanizer, was also a spendthrift. He spent close to $140 million on expensive women, cars, and other items.

In 2003, their divorce proceedings were finalized. According to reports, Tyson settled their divorce by giving his ex-wife close to $10 million. Monica also received the couple’s lavish Farmington estate and their $4 million Bethesda home.

About the same time that their divorce was finalized, their Farmington duplex went on the market with a $4.75 million asking price. The mansion has a movie theater, an indoor pool, an elevator, and 38 bathrooms. Additionally, it has a 3,500 square foot nightclub.

Did Monica Turner and her ex-husband Tyson have any children together?

The ex-lovers do indeed have two adult children. On February 14, 1996, they gave birth to a daughter they named Rayna Tyson. On August 5, 1997, Monica gave birth to their son Amir Tyson, the couple’s second child.

Their daughter studied film and television production at New York University. The rising student received a nomination for Best Film Student at the College in 2016.

Additionally, Mike Tyson’s daughter was already a part of the hugely successful Hollywood film Joker, which starred Academy Award winner Joaquin Phoenix. In 2017, she also contributed to The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson.

Amir Turner, another Turner family member, is currently an ESPN intern. The American University alumnus also owns and operates Debonair Attire, a clothing business.

Firstborn Child of Monica Turner and Her Ex-Drug Dealer Boyfriend

Prior to having two children with Tyson, Monica had a child with her ex-beau, the former drug dealer Eugene B. Byrd. In 1989, she gave birth to their daughter Gena. Tragically, Byrd, who was 28 years her senior, was sentenced to ten years in a federal prison in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, that same year.

He was detained on suspicion of planning to distribute cocaine. The nightclub Les Niece’s was frequented by college students, and Byrd, a convicted drug dealer, managed it.

Eugene and Monica’s relationship remained strained after Eugene’s ten-year prison sentence. She was the sole caregiver for their daughter. Gena enrolled in the exclusive preschool Lowell School.

Turner paid $124,500 for a townhouse off Georgia Avenue close to the Maryland border soon after Eugene was arrested. She allegedly owned a stake in a four-unit apartment complex close to Catholic University.

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Money earned by Monica Turner

As of 2022, she has a $3 million net worth. She received a sizable sum of money as part of the terms of her divorce from Tyson. The ex-celebrity spouse is currently supported financially by her work as a pediatrician.

Turner initially listed her Maryland mansion for sale in May 2020 with an asking price of £7 million ($9.75 million). The opulent home has seven bedrooms and occupies a sizable 19,000 square feet of space.

A large gym, a game room, a sports court, a swimming pool, and a piano room are also included. The expansive property also has views of the golf course at the Congressional Country Club.

How did Monica Turner fare?

In recent years, Turner received a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. She is now fine, though. The brain and spinal cord are the main organs affected by the disease. The main signs of this condition are pain, fatigue, and vision loss.

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