Who is Mo Sanders? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Who is Mo Sanders?

Mo Sanders is a well-known figure in the world of skating. Many of his fans and followers think he was one of the first people in Washington to skate.

Sanders is a well-known roller skater from the United States. She has competed at national and international levels in inline skating, jam skating, and roller derby.

Since he first started inline skating in 1991, he has made a lot of progress, and now he competes in the X Games.

Mo Sanders is Currently single.

There is not much information on her personal life and relationship status.

Quick facts about Mo Sanders

Name Mo Sanders
Nickname Quadzilla L.K or Quadzilla
Birthdate 1971
Age 50 years old
Birthplace Tacoma, Washington, United States
Nationality American
Professional American roller skater

Mo Sanders: Early Life, Age, Wiki, Parents, Ethnicity

Mo Sanders was born in 1971 in Tacoma, Washington, which is in the United States. Mo’s father influenced him as a child because he used to roller skate to work.

Even though the Washington star is well-known, not much is known about him. It has information about his family and his own life.

So, neither of his parents’ names are made public. Sanders did not have a coach when he was growing up, either.

So, he would skate for hours to learn new moves and techniques. Later, Lan Werner himself taught him how to play.

Mo tried to win the champion artistic roller skating event with his help. Mo also spent a lot of time skating on Venice Beach, California, in the late 1990s.

Besides that, he also tried out for the TV show Roller Jam at the time. The show was about roller derby on a banked track.

During the show, Mo Sanders was best known for his acrobatic moves and his hair that was many different colors. But the skating star later said that the way the show was put together “sucked.”

He also said that the show didn’t do well because it had too much script and drama.

So, he got involved with the show Enchanted, where Mo was in charge of the choreography for the skating.

What is the Height of Mo Sanders? Weight, Full Body Status

The former star of Skating is 50 years old now. But even though Mo is old, he has kept his body in good shape.

From the way he looks, we can tell that Mo does a lot of exercises to keep his body active and in shape.

The sports star is about 6 feet (1.83m) tall and weighs about 96 kg (212 lb).

Education, Schooling, University

There is no information about his education and schooling.

Professional Career, (Roller skater)

He was known as a “rink rat” for the way he lived and worked in the skating world. Mo also worked at a local skate shop in the early 1990s before he started his career.

So, because of how hard he worked, a local skating company gave him a scholarship. So, Mo started going all over the world to show off his skills and abilities.

Mo used to go to a lot of skate parks when he was on the road. He also sang for different contests to learn more about the products in the industry.

Shortly after that, inline skating became more popular in most parts of the U.S.

But on the other hand, Mo did things his way and gave his skating a little twist. He was one of the first people to break dance while skating when skating was becoming popular.

During the first season, he also started to coach the Rat City Rollergirls.

Sanders said, “They were still learning how to play, and they asked me to teach them the basics of roller derby.”

Mo Sanders doesn’t do anything else but roller skate.

Mo runs a company called Grn Mnstr Roller Sports during the day. It is one of his favorite sports, so he works hard at it. Also, his business is an online wholesaler that sells its products.

These products are made and made to help skaters.

The company is also well-known for making Heartless Wheels and Antik Skate boots.

Some of the company’s other most popular products are Gumball toe stops and other skate-related accessories and clothing.

Mo works hard at the sports company, and he also trains for the Puget Sound Outcast Derby. On the other hand, he likes to spend his free time relaxing on the four wheels he has.

Outside of competing in skating events, these are some of the things Quadilla or Mo Sanders do to show how much they care. He became known all over the country after being on several popular TV shows.

Company Venture

Mo Sanders’ journey to start his own business began in 2008. He was optimistic, but he knew that the market did not exist at the time.

Mo said that he has worked in this field all his life. Adding to this, he said,

“Most of the time, you start making things because you need to. What should I do? What items aren’t there? I knew there were other people out there who shared my feelings.”

So, since there wasn’t much on the market, he made his skates. These skates were made to feel lighter and to support your ankles so you can move quickly.

Also, the market liked what he did with the products. Some of these skates even became the most popular ones on the market.

When asked what made the business so successful, Mo said-

“I know what’s going on in the market and with the skaters.”

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Helping Hands

Jennifer Savaglio was one of the few people who saw his vision for his business with the sports company. Jenifer used to be a member of the Rat City Rollergirls and is now an owner of the shop.

She also said that Mo is a hard worker and that he makes you work hard too. But she says that Mo is fair and easy to work with, even though he has a tough exterior.

It was proven when the company’s products, like Fast Girl Skates, went to the top of the charts in stores. Also, Jennifer says that it was magical to see him skate as a coach on the rink.

She also said that as a student, there was a lot to learn from him. She was also interested in the idea of Mo making his products.

Her trust in Mo Sanders paid off because the products were great and helped the industry move forward. She also says that Mo’s hard work and dedication made it all possible.

Jennifer thinks he’s different from any other man she’s worked with and that watching him is inspiring.

Return to skating

At first, the “king of the rink” came back skating as “Barack O’Trauma and Quadzilla L.K.” Mo also took care of the Oly Rollers in addition to coaching teams like the Rat City Rollergirls.

He also led Team Awesome to second place at the National Banked Track Championship in 2008.

In the same way, Mo Sanders led Team Legit to the national championship in 2009, which included many international leagues.

He also kept working on the Heartless Wheels and the Antik Skate boots. His coaching career didn’t end here, though. In 2011, he was the head coach for Rat City.

Net Worth, Salary, Assets

Most of Mo’s money came from his job as a professional skater. In addition, his sports company has added a lot to the numbers over the years.

So, Mo Sanders has been living a nice and comfortable life.

But Mo didn’t waste his time, even though the facility was very nice. He always worked hard. Also, it is thought that he is worth about $5 million right now.

Mo has also made money through endorsement deals with different brands.

Rumors and Controversy

In 2011, Mo won the Derby News Network award for “Best Double Threat.”

Also, his legacy lives on in documentaries like “Wheels Will Land,” which came out in 2016 and was made in Australia.

His fame didn’t last long, though. Hannah Jennings said in public that Mo had sexually assaulted her in 2017.

The Rose City Rollers skater’s accusation gave 13 other skaters more power.

Soon after, these skaters also came forward. Like Hannah, they said that Mo Sanders had done something sexually wrong.

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Social Media Accounts

Mo is also very popular on social media sites, just like other skaters. Under the name @Quadzillalk, he has more than 2,800 people who follow him on Twitter.

On the other hand, Mo also has a lot of people who follow her on Instagram. His user name is @Quadzillalk, so you can find him that way. Mo Sander has more than 12,000 fans on that platform.

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