Who is Mike Jerrick? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Mike Jerrick, the anchor of the Fox 29 News program Good Day Philadelphia, still misses his late wife Joy despite having two great daughters. The news anchor frequently posts on social media in honor of his beloved late wife and remembers their time together.

Who Was Mike Jerrick’s First Wife?

Mike Jerrick was fortunate to meet his love when he was young and have a family with her. Everything was going well until she gave birth to their two children and he lost the love of his life.

Joy Griesa Weatherwax is the mother of Jerrick’s two wonderful daughters, Jill Jerrick and Jessica Francis Jerrick. True to her name, she did make Jerrick happier, but regrettably, the happiness was short-lived.

Despite the fact that not much is known about Jerrick’s wife’s personal life or how she died, Jerrick periodically posts on social media about his late wife on significant events like birthdays or Women’s History Month.

Jerrick just shared a photo of him and his wife during their early marriage on his post from March 4. The couple appeared to be very youthful, intoxicated with love and having a great time together in the old photograph. He captioned the picture with, “Dedicating Women’s History Month to my wife.”

Pure Joy! Women’s History Month continues with this amazingly strong woman Joy Griesa Weatherwax who I met when we were 18! Changed my life as we brought our incredible daughters Jess & Jill into this world. Thank you, Joy.

Similarly to that, on May 26, 2016, he celebrated her birthday by posting another of her memories on his Facebook page. He posted a photo of her from when she was younger, thinking back on the past, and said,

Another picture of Joy on her birthday. Best mom ever. Joy, you would continue to be so proud of your legacy; two amazing daughters and now mothers. Man o Man did she have great hair!

In addition, the proud father, who adores his daughters sincerely, is rewarded with three grandchildren from them.

Did He Remarry?

He never remarried and spent the majority of his time caring for his girls after his wife passed away. But in 2014, the announcement of Mike Jerrick and Shelda’s engagement sparked a media frenzy.

A source claims that the host revealed the major information to the public during his morning broadcast. Additionally, he talked about how he made a significant decision that morning at Grand Central Station. Since they became engaged, there hasn’t been any news on the couple’s nuptials or relationship status.

On the other hand, most recently, Jerrick also shared some memories from his past when he and his fellow co-hosts discussed the celebrity Jennifer Lopez’s ex-boyfriends. On the program, the 7-year-old anchor made contact with Lynda, an ex-girlfriend.

Jerrick and Lynda, who appeared to be getting along well now, talked about their previous relationships. Lynda recalled how dreadfully upset she was when she had to break up with Jarrick. When asked how Jerrick was dating and how she would rate him based on that, Lynda responded,

I would give him an A. He is a very attentive guy. He is very generous of spirit and with his time. As long as you don’t interfere with his basketball watching.

When the studio heard that, it resounded with laughter. Lynda went on to say that the separation was brought on by Jerrick’s preference for his profession over his relationship. Now that we are aware of the reason he is a well-known news figure in the nation.

Jerrick’s Journalism Career and Net Worth

The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, DaySide, Fox & Friends, and Good Day Philadelphia is Jerrick’s most well-known newscasts.

His decades-long career as a journalist included a week-long suspension in 2017 after he offended Kellyanne Conway’s sensibilities by using an obscene term on the broadcast. He later returned to Fox 29 after a week and apologized for uttering the derogatory word on live television.

Furthermore, Jarrick has already been under fire for making sexist statements about women and making women uncomfortable with his inappropriate actions. Even a John Oliver show episode discussed this problem.

Nevertheless, the Good Day Philadelphia host continues to work as an anchor for Fox 29 and is rumored to earn more than $75,000 each year. His exact net worth is still unclear.

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