Who is Jesse James West? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Jesse James West is a young, well-known social media influencer who was born and is now residing in New Jersey with his family on January 25, 2000.

Jesse James West birthday is on January 25th, and on that day, January 25, 2021, he will be 22.

He was born into a Christian family and practices Christianity.

Although Jesse James West is his full name, he is most commonly referred to as Jesse (His Nick Name).

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Jesse James West was born on January 25, 2000, in New Jersey, where he presently resides with his family.

He was born into a Christian family and practices Christianity.

His mother, father, and sister make up his family.

He has a sister named Chris, as I already explained.


Instagram is the world’s most popular platform for sharing photographs and videos, and Jesse James West is one of its most well-known users. He became well-known for his stellar performance on the platform and for posting videos and photos with motivational remarks to his Instagram account.

His Instagram handle, @jessejameswest, has more than 340K followers as of February 2021.

Let’s talk about the typical number of likes on his Instagram posts, which ranges from 20 to 40 thousand, occasionally less and sometimes more.


Although he joined YouTube on May 16, 2016, Jesse James West, another well-known YouTuber, began his YouTube journey on June 10, 2016, and on this day he produced his first video.

When he first joined YouTube over five years ago, he uploaded far more videos other than fitness-related ones. And as of right now, his YouTube channel has more than 1.1 million subscribers.

Jesse James West’s YouTube bio is there.

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And now let’s speak about the typical number of views for his YouTube videos. He has been on YouTube for about 5 years, and his normal views range from 300 to 700 K, occasionally going lower or higher.

He didn’t expect this #shorts to be the title of his most-watched video, which has amassed 4.4 million views on YouTube. You can view this video below, people.


Young artist from New Jersey and Instagram sensation Jesse James West.

He began his career as a social media celebrity, and as of right now, his Instagram handle has more than 340K followers.

He rose to fame on Instagram, and success has followed him ever since.


About Jesse James West’s relationship and girlfriend, most famous people attempt to keep their personal and romantic lives private.

We conducted an extensive study into Jesse James West’s relationship before coming to the conclusion that his girlfriend is Claudia Walsh.

Jesse James West Height, Weight

He is a fitness freak who loves to work out every day, takes excellent care of his body, and his physique turns everyone’s heads.

Although many of his admirers and followers frequently inquire about his height, Jesse James West’s height is 5 feet 11 inches.

Moreover, Jesse James West weighs 87 kg and has brown eyes and hair.

Net Worth

How much does Jesse James West make and what is his net worth are two of the most often asked questions.

As you may already be aware, he is a rising social media celebrity.

Guys, He has a number of sources of income, but social media is his main source of income. He has made a sizable sum of money from his affiliation with social media accounts.

He charges a reasonable sum for sponsorship, and the quality of the sponsorship is determined by the size of his fan base (followers).

As you may already be aware, he has 1.1 million YouTube subscribers and an average of 300 to 700 thousand views on his videos on that platform. He also has 340 thousand followers on Instagram and 340 thousand fans on Tik Tok.

He is thought to be worth between $1 and $2 million.

In addition, if he owns a private business, his net worth is excluded from this calculation. Also, we looked up their social media names and used the internet to try to determine their net worth. Thus, the accuracy of this data cannot be verified.

Social Media

Prominent social media personality Jesse James West. He has more than 340 K Instagram followers, 1.1 M YouTube subscribers, 340 K Tik Tok fans, and more than 2 K Twitter followers as of June 2021.

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