Who is Dima Sadek? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Dima Sadek is passionate about her work because she likes it. For many people, the Lebanese TV journalist and anchor serves as a great inspiration. She currently anchors LBCI’s morning political chat show Nharkom Said while working as a news anchor.

Dima Sadek is well-known among viewers for her impartial presenting techniques and her tireless efforts to draw attention to social issues. Even more so, since 2014, she has presented in the Miss Lebanon pageant four times in a row.

Dima Sadek’s Bio: Age, Father & Mother

Every year, Dima has a birthday party on February 28. In the southern Lebanese town of Khiam, she grew up with her brother and sister as part of a large family of five.

Her parents’ identities are still a mystery. However, it is clear from her upbringing that her parents did a good job of molding her into the person she is now.

Given that her parents are Lebanese citizens, Dima most likely adopted her ethnicity from them. Her tall stature and steady weight contribute to her slender appearance.

However, the charming anchor and television host doesn’t consider compliments about her appearance when they are made before her profession since she thinks that “beautiful” is relative. She would rather be judged on her work as a journalist than on how she looks.

At the University of St. Joseph, Dima majored in political science, where she also started her media career. She started out her career as an assistant to a journalist. Later, in 2007, she began working for OTV, the most impartial broadcast channel in Lebanon, where she hosted a political program.

Dima transferred to LBCI later in 2011, which helped her career reach its pinnacle. She was driven by the channel’s objective reporting of the news and emphasis on social and human rights problems over all else. Due to all of this, she was honored by LAU President Dr. Joseph Jabra in 2016.

She prioritizes Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, Sky News, and the BBC when it comes to the continuing Syrian crisis because she is a member of the media herself.

Dima Sadek Married, Husband

With their two daughters, Yashmina and Ward, Dima and her husband, Dr. Ahmed Al-Hajj, enjoy a happy marriage. The oldest daughter of the couple studies at The International School of Brussels in Belgium.

In present, the family resides in Beirut, Lebanon. Dima prioritizes her family over anything else, including her successful career. She occasionally feels bad for her older daughter, Yashmina, especially when she has a busy schedule. She does, however, make every effort to strike a balance between her personal and professional lives.

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