Who Is Dave Hester Wife? All About Their Married Life

Dave Hester is a former cast member of the hit reality show Storage Wars. The show followed professional auctioneers as they bid on lockers at storage facilities across the state.

Aside from his reality television career, fans frequently inquire about his personal life. According to sources, Dave Hester has been in a loving marriage with his wife for many years. Meanwhile, other credible tabloids claim that the former reality star is now divorced.

Let’s find out everything we can about his love life in today’s article: As of 2022, does Dave Hester have a wife, or is he dating someone?

Dave Hester’s Wife: Who Is She? Their Wedding

Hester, on the other hand, has a wife. His wife, Donna Hester, is his wife. The couple kept their marriage a closely guarded secret. Dave and his partner Donna never publicly spoke about their marital relationship. As a result, their wedding date and other personal information remain hidden from the public eye.

Dave was spotted as zombie Donald Trump while his wife Donna dressed as zombie Hillary Clinton during the Comic-Con Zombie Walk in San Diego in July 2016.

Are Dave and Donna Hester still married or have they divorced?

Dave and Donna had been married until 2016. But, over time, their low-key love story faded from public view. While many online sources claimed the two were still in a loving marriage, a TMZ article published in October 2019 revealed Dave is dating a new woman.

According to the tabloid, Hester was sick and had trouble breathing in November 2018. Fortunately, his girlfriend arrived on the scene and drove him to the hospital in Newport Beach, California. He had a hemorrhagic stroke there and then.

Dave and his wife appear to have divorced between 2016 and 2018.

Who Is Dave Hester’s Wife? Is there any information about her?

Hester has been frequently seen on social media with an unknown woman in recent years. On the one hand, we cannot be certain that the two are a couple, but given their frequent social media posts, it appears that there is something deeper between the two.

Dave Hester has a new girlfriend and a rumored girlfriend.

Hester is the father of a single child.

Yes, Dave Hester Jr., the reality TV personality, has a son. The young boy, according to sources, has also followed in his father’s footsteps. Hester Jr.’s personal life is similar to that of his father.

Donna, Dave’s wife, is said to be his biological mother.

What Is Dave Hester from Storage Wars Up To These Days?

Hester is now concentrating on his own business after leaving Storage Wars. The skilled auctioneer spends the majority of his time running and advising on bidding.

In terms of his reality television career, Dave made his debut in Storage Wars’ season 1 episode “High Noon in the High Desert.” He was a regular on the show until his abrupt disappearance after season three.

Storage Wars made some allegations against A&E production in 2012, which led to his expulsion. Later, Hester filed a $750,000 lawsuit against the production company, claiming that his termination was unjustified.

They reached an agreement in the middle of 2014. According to the International Business Times, a year ago in March, the court ordered Dave to pay A&E $122,000 in legal fees incurred during their legal battle.

Following the settlement, Dave decided to return to the show and appeared in five more seasons. Dan Dotson, Laura Dotson, and Mary Padian are among the show’s other cast members.

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