Who is Connie Chung? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

She is a gifted woman with a positive outlook on life and the capacity to enchant others. Connie Chung is a beloved news presenter in the media community. Early in her career, she served as a correspondent for CBS Evening News.

Connie Chung joined NBC’s brand-new first show, NBC News at Sunrise when she returned to the network in 1983. Even the NBC Nightly News was hosted by her. 1986 was co-hosted by her and Roger Mudd.

She made the decision to quit NBC when things started to change. Later, she started working for CBS. She started off as Connie Chung’s Saturday Night host. She was the host of the CBS Evening News as well as the side initiative Eye to Eye with Connie Chung.

She had to quit CBS, though, since her anchoring wasn’t up to par. Then she jumped on to become an ABC News anchor. Along with Charles Gibson, she served as host of 20/20. Later, though, when her personal life required a lot of her, she chose to reduce the amount of job she did.

Connie Chung Wiki

On August 20th, 1946, she was born. Even at the age of 72, she still has a stunning appearance and produces top-notch work. Her parents and four siblings raised her after her birth in Washington.

Connie’s father, an intelligence officer, pushed her to realize how crucial education is to one’s future. She attended Montgomery Blair High School before moving on to Maryland University.

She earned a degree in journalism and intended to work in the field. She did have a successful career as a journalist.

She admitted in an interview in October 2018 that her family doctor, who had delivered her, had raped her sexually. By the time the doctor spoke about the incident, she was already dead, but she claimed that speaking about it made her feel better.

Despite her fame and accomplishment, she has a $15 million overall net worth. She has enough money thanks to her vast wealth to live a happy life. These enormous riches could hardly have been attained only via career passion.

The reason Connie was able to achieve such success is because of her diligence and hard work. Many people find inspiration in her. Today’s youth should emulate her success if they want to work in the sector.

Connie Chung Married, Husband

Speaking of Chung’s marital status, she is wed to her devoted husband, Maury Povich. In 1984, they had a wedding celebration. She seemed to be extremely happy in her marriage. There are no indications that she and her spouse may be getting a divorce.

When Maury’s divorce from his first wife Phyllis Minkoff was still pending, the duo had already begun dating. Maury admitted that he had cheated on Connie a couple of times back then and that he was still dealing with the effects of those wounds.

But it wasn’t because he didn’t love Connie; rather, it was because he feared commitment after his first failed marriage.

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Matthew Jay Povich, who was adopted by Maury and Connie in 1985, is their only child. Two of Maury’s children with his ex-wife are raised by Connie, who was married to Maury before he had children with her.

Currently, a little family of three is content with their lives. She is a role model for many in 2019 and today.

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