Who is Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon never had an easy road to popularity and fortune. Jeremiah, who is renowned for his powerful vocals and songwriting skills, is one of the strongest contenders for American Idol’s 17th season.

The musical performance front-runner, who is now 26 years old, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon already captured the attention of many audiences with his motivational tale.

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon’s Wiki/Bio & Career

Jeremiah was raised in a devout Maryland household in Catonsville. Before competing on American Idol, the 26-year-old did janitorial work at his family church.

Jeremiah spent three years in a row performing at the Lynchstock Music Festival, a nightclub in Virginia, in the early years of his career. He had a track called “Learn to Love” published prior to his Idol audition.

Everything was going well until he revealed to his family that he was gay; they did not accept him, so he made the decision to distance himself from them. For him, the entire process has been difficult. He discussed how challenging it was for him when his loved ones rejected him for who he was.

He is not fully cut off from his family, though. He was forced to spend time away from his family due to timing issues. No matter what, they still loved each other, according to Jeremiah. He is constantly appreciative of his parents for having raised him to be the idol he is today.

American Idol Fame / Being Gay

For his New York audition, Jeremiah performed the original version of “Almost Heaven” and immediately won over the judges with his distinctive voice. The song he sang dedicated to his parents, “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac, was the one that changed everything among the many lovely songs he sang. He won many hearts with the song.

The legendary Elton John gave him a standing ovation for his performance of “We all fall in love occasionally,” noting that it “took my breath away.”

His American Idol adventure thus far has been fantastic. Katy Perry gave him a ton of emotional support as well.

He is now in the Top 14 with Laci Kaye and Laine Hardy and hopes to win the competition to become the first openly homosexual American Idol.

He is one of the select few who decided to be upfront about his homosexuality in a TV program, and the audacious move has undoubtedly helped him advance in his career.

Jeremiah’s Personal Life: Boyfriend

Jeremiah first noticed John in the YMCA Kingsville one night after connecting with him on Tinder a year earlier. The two of them ended up eating dinner together after he bravely approached John to ask for his phone number. Ever since they have been a couple.

They were planned to occur. They are very similar to one another. John comes from a similar religious background and also has a tremendous love of music.

John always supported Jeremiah during his time on American Idol while his family was unable to be there for him, demonstrating his qualities as a thoughtful and encouraging spouse. More information about his personal life is now pending.

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