Who is Cliff Barackman? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Bigfoot’s existence has been a hotly contested topic for many years. It has baffled scientists for a very long time. Even if there is little information on the question of whether Bigfoot is real or not, scientists are not ready to give up. Cliff Barackman is without a doubt one of the many people who have made contributions to the study of Bigfoot’s existence.

American television personality Cliff Barackman. He is well recognized for his role as Ranae Holland’s co-host on the Animal Planet program Finding Bigfoot. Additionally, he has made appearances in numerous Bigfoot series including the TV program Monsterquest.

Cliff Barackman’s Bio, Net Worth

He was born in Long Beach, California, on November 28, 1970. He attended California State University to further his education. He developed an interest in the subject of Bigfoot during this period and chose to pursue Bigfoot research as a means of advancing his career. He had no idea that his passion would make him the co-host of the popular television program Finding Bigfoot.

On February 13, 2014, Cliff discovered a dog chained to a tree in the Northern California woods while filming the very episode. The dog was adopted by him, and he kept him as a pet.

Cliff has the puppy with him to this day in 2019 and enjoys spending time with her.

Cliff has made a fortune and achieved great success for the TV program. Although he has appeared in other Bigfoot-related programs, Finding Bigfoot is the one that has contributed significantly to his wealth. His staggering net worth of more than $1.6 million is astounding.

His outstanding performance on the same program, “Finding Bigfoot,” led to numerous other opportunities for him to appear on programs about the presence and hunt for Bigfoot. The “Smokey Mountain Bigfoot Conference” will be one of them on July 27, 2019.

The seminar is scheduled to take place at the Gatlinburg Convention Center during the day. According to the event organizers, Congressman Tim Burchett and other prominent figures will be present at the event to share their perspectives.

The most important responsibility of the event’s keynote speaker is given to Cliff Barackman.

He is not just an expert on Bigfoot but also a well-known musician and composer. He typically performs jazz music and has written a lot of country music. In fact, he composed some of the music for Finding Bigfoot.

Who Is Cliff Barackman’s Wife?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Cliff Barackman is married at age 48! Melissa Barackman, who was his longtime girlfriend, is now his wife. On June 25, 2017, the couple entered the church and exchanged vows. The ceremony was held in Long Beach, California, the city where Cliff was born and raised.

Melissa, Cliff’s ex-girlfriend who is now his wife, works as a well-known makeup artist in Sandy, Oregon. She has focused her efforts on makeup for TV series and films. Melissa graduated with a master’s degree from the Vancouver-based Art of Makeup institute.

On June 24, 2018, the pair commemorated their one wedding anniversary. In order to strengthen their union, the couple celebrated their first Valentine’s Day together. The pair frequently displays pictures of their happy marriage on their social media accounts. They both work in the television industry, which may be another factor contributing to their amazing chemistry.

Cliff’s marriage is not, however, his first. He was previously married for seven years before getting a divorce. However, nothing has come to light regarding his ex-wife.

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