Who Is Christina Evangeline? All About Kenan Thompson’s Wife

Multi-hyphenate Christina Evangeline (also known as Christina Evangeline Thompson) has a burgeoning career in volunteer work, interior design, photography, and videography.

Christina Evangeline is a dedicated humanitarian who even co-founded Evermore NYC, a group that works to unite those who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

But Christina is best known as the spouse of Kenan Thompson, the longest-running comedian on Saturday Night Live. The pair have been happily married for around ten years, and they are also the proud parents of two kids.

Additionally, we now have several previously unreported details regarding Christina. Look at this!

The place of Christina Evangeline’s birth. Her Birth Information

Various accounts of Evangeline’s birthplace are disputed. While some websites indicate that Christina was born in Canada, others claim that she was. However, we can affirm that Christina was born on March 24, 1989, in New York City, USA.

The wife of Kenan Thompson published an old photo of herself and her mother back in May 2018. Evangeline stated in the photo’s description that it was taken “sometime in 1989, somewhere in NY.” Thus, it attests to the famous spouse’s New York City roots.

Evangeline routinely posts pictures of her mother and father on Instagram, even though some details about her parents are kept hidden. Rem is the name of her other sister.

Evangeline: Is She White Or Black?

In terms of her ethnicity, Christina is of mixed descent and is a citizen of the United States.

Christina Evangeline: What Does She Do? Career Information

Evangeline is an interior designer who, according to reports, is currently working as a designer at Gucci in New York City. She has additionally worked as a model for several well-known firms.

Also in 2015, Kenan Thompson’s wife appeared as a pageant mom in the comedic short “Mini Supreme.” She participated in the project alongside Bella Stardust, Joan Mankin, and Phillis.

Photographer and videographer, she

Christina balances motherhood, photography, and videography, according to her personal website. The multi-talented woman has visited many exotic locations all around the world throughout the years.

To commemorate Georgia’s third birthday in 2017, Christina traveled to Disney World with her daughter. The four members of the family were moreover on a family vacation in Italy, where they made stops at Amalfi, Florence, Rome, the Vatican, and more.

Christina is one of Evermore NYC’s co-founders.

She also created the group Evermore NYC along with her therapist friends Michele and Jack. It assists those who have lost a loved one in coping.

It was defined as “a dinner gathering for anyone attempting to grieve and move on after losing a loved one” by someone connected to an organization.

They continued,

By no means is this a pity party. It is merely an opportunity to connect with people who have experienced similar things and relate with them.

The Cristian Rivera Foundation, Save the Children Federation, My Stuff Bags Foundation, and the American Refugee Committee are just a few of the charities Christina supports.

Do Christina Evangeline and Kenan Thompson still have a marriage?

In the late 2000s, a talent agent by the name of Danny Estrada initially acquainted the two. According to sources, the two subsequently clicked. And they dated for a while before being married on November 11, 2011. In Atlanta’s George Aquarium’s Arctic Room, they planned their wedding ceremony. Their wedding reception was hosted by seasoned comedian Nick Cannon.

Christina Thompson, the wife of Kenan Thompson, and her hubby were married.

According to a source close to the couple, “[They’re] really delighted. They were eager to share the memories with their close friends because they had lived together as a pair.

Additionally, a close friend of the couple added, “She was pleased and a gorgeous bride.” Christina donned a stylish, long-trailing white silk gown for their wedding attire.

They have since been living a happy married life.

Evangeline Christina Kids

Evangeline and her spouse have two kids. On June 20, 2014, the couple gave birth to a daughter named Georgia Marie Thompson in New York City. Gianna Michelle Thompson, their second child, was born on July 31, 2018.

In June 2020, Kenan talked candidly to People about becoming a father and how having two children affected his life. He stated:

The biggest wake-up call, in my opinion, is how quick it is. You might not be a dad one day, and then suddenly you are. After that, you are just a dad.

The devoted father of two children added,

“And undoubtedly, all of my coolness was immediately sucked away. I had no idea. I didn’t even feel it, but I just started acting incredibly corny in stores and asking too many questions about things that are right in front of me and super clear right away.

On the other side, on her personal website, his wife Evangeline called becoming a parent “a life-changing and absolutely gratifying experience.”

Moreover, Thompson made it plain that his family comes first when he spoke to Variety before the NBC sitcom Kenan’s premiere. He responded, “Seven,” when the reporter asked him how many seasons he wanted to appear on the sketch show.

“There is a particular number I would love to reach. A excellent, even, round number that I’m close to is 20, in my opinion.

The comic continued,

I feel like that is in reach, but also it would be appreciated if I don’t get there. Like, 18 and 19 are acceptable. It truly doesn’t matter. Will I have time for my family is what important. Only 24 hours make up a day.

How much money is Christina Evangeline worth?

Evangeline has amassed a large wealth from her range of endeavors. Her estimated net worth as of 2022 is $1.5 million, per sources. Additionally, her comic husband Thompson is worth $13 million.

Currently, the four-person family resides in New York City.

Social Media Activity

Regarding her online activity, Christina is present on Facebook and Instagram. She has over 17.6k Instagram followers as of 2022.

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