Who is @Callherdaddy Alexandra Cooper dating? Who is her ex-boyfriend?

The pair has returned!

Alexandra Cooper, the host of the Barstool Sports podcast, announced this on her social media. After a short period of separation, she wrote about dating her ex-boyfriend again, and things between them seem to have improved.

Alexandra Cooper is back with her ex-boyfriend

Alexandra Cooper, a broadcaster, is overjoyed to announce that she is dating her ex-boyfriend once again. This was announced on her podcast @Callherdaddy.

Alexandra Cooper and Noah
Source: NY post

However, she did not specify which ex she is reuniting with. Noah Syndergaard, the Mets’ ace pitcher, was not mentioned. However, given that the two were photographed together at a holiday party last December, one may suspect that the ex she’s referring to is Noah Syndergaard.

Alexandra was contacted for her thoughts on this story on Page Six. She replied, clarifying that she was not talking about her ex Noah on her podcast. She also mentioned that she was not present at Noah’s holiday party in December. Noah has also denied that he and Alexandra have reconciled.

The Complete Alexandra-Noah Relationship Timeline

According to the article, she and professional baseball player Noah began dating in April 2017. After being caught kissing at a Knicks game, they decided to split up.

She is a former athlete who attended Boston University. However, the couple’s relationship was rocky and on-again, off-again. In December 2017, Noah revealed that he and Alexandra had broken up in an indirect and dramatic manner.

Noah has been defiant about his relationship with the blonde beauty. He confirmed that he will not be present at her holiday celebration in December 2019. He also denied that he is the person she mentions in her podcast.

More about Alexandra’s Relationships and Personal Life

Alexandra is a New Yorker who hails from Newtown, Pennsylvania. She’s an accomplished soccer player. She was a member of the Division 1 women’s soccer team in high school. She graduated from Boston University with a degree in film and television. She is passionate about creating content and connecting with people.

Alexandra began her career with Dirty Water Media, which describes itself as “Greater Boston’s most in-depth source for what’s happening, trending, and being spoken about in the New England nightlife, dining, music, fashion, entertainment, and sports scene with reviews, commentary, and breaking news alerts from a diverse team of writers and reporters.”

Alexandra Cooper Bikini
Source: Twitter

Prior to joining Barstool Sports, she worked as a reporter for a magazine in New York. She has more than 60k subscribers on YouTube. She has a number of vlog-style videos on her YouTube channel. She is also an Instagram celebrity with over 814k followers. It features bikini shots on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

She has had many relationships, but none have been as well-publicized as her one with Noah Syndergaard.

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