Ludi Lin From ‘Mortal Kombat’ Shares His Diet And Training That Made Him Shredded To Portray Liu Kang!

Prior to its publication, there was a lot of buzz about Mortal Kombat, but it just seems to have grown stronger with word-of-mouth.

Ludi Lin, who shocked audiences with his physicality that would bring bodybuilders to shame, is one of the cast members who has risen to new levels of fame as a result of the film’s popularity.

The video-game-inspired film reboot has dominated the box office since its release. The film received a lot of positive feedback, and rightly so.

The movie has high-octane action scenes, and the cast has gym-toned bodies and ripped torsos, and it’s all anyone can talk about.

Lin had to go through rigorous training and adhere to a strict diet regimen in order to play Liu Kang, one of Earthrealm’s most famous heroes. The actor has now become a health and fitness poster boy.

Liu Kang’s Challenging Role

Lin is an experienced Muay Thai and Japanese Ju-Jitsu martial artist who is no stranger to action-packed roles.

In 2017, he appeared in the Power Rangers movie as the Black Ranger and in Black Mirror’s Striking Vipers episode as Lance, a VR video game alter-ego. As Captain Murk in Aquaman, he also commanded an Atlantean force.

Liu Kang had only one important move as a legendary warrior: the Dragon Fire assault. Lin wanted to show the movement as realistically as possible before incorporating CGI fire effects so the character can throw fire at his opponents.

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Mortal Kombat
Source: Times New Express

Lin and his trainer Owen Chau outlined their preparation for the movement in Men’s Health’s Train Like sequence. To establish credibility in his fire toss gesture, the actor had to step in a controlled and careful manner.

In order to do the fireball—the Dragon Fire—I need to work on my stability, my concentration, my power, and my projection. 

Ludi Lin Vegan Diet

Aside from his rigorous preparation, the actor attributes his good health to his plant-based diet. According to Lin, the world is fascinated with and addicted to meat because of its umami flavor, and humans have evolved to believe that meat is essential.

The actor likes to get his umami from mushrooms and his protein from plant-based sources, such as hemp, peanut butter, and a little sweetener in his shakes. He still avoids eating meat because he believes it is safer for his health and the environment.

The star revealed that his biggest meal still comes after his workout and that he makes sure it’s high in protein and carbohydrates, and that he’s not afraid to eat vegetables whole and without condiments. But food isn’t his only source of nutrition.

Ludi Lin Vegan Diet
Source: Mens Health

To remain well, the actor takes supplements such as probiotics, a multivitamin, calcium, turmeric, vitamin D, and vitamin B-12.

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