Who Is Bernt Bodal? His Career, Girlfriend, & Relationship With Elizabeth Lyn Vargas

Bernt Bodal is a Norwegian-born American businessman who retired from American Seafoods Group. Bodal is well-known for his inspirational journey from immigrant to working on a tough fishing boat to building a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

His career path represents a difficult road: Bernt Bodal rose to the executive suite only after working as a deckhand on company boats for 13 years. Body not only performed routine jobs but he was also subjected to the most dreaded insult in the hyper-macho fishing industry: being called feminine.

Consider how he took on difficult projects in his early life and built a reputation for himself. Also read about his not-so-plain-looking relationship with his ex-wife, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Also, find out who he is now dating and other information.

Bernt Bodal’s Journey From Norway To Success An American entrepreneur

Bodal, who was born in June of 1954, is now in his late 60s. He grew raised in the suburbs of Oslo, Norway, where his father worked as a tram conductor. Bernt said in an interview that his family wasn’t impoverished, but they weren’t rich. Bodal’s family did not have a car until he was ten years old, and they could not afford a television for a long time.

Bernt Bodal, the ex-husband of ROHC’s Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, is a Norwegian-American businessman.

Bernt Bodal, the ex-husband of Elizabeth Lyn Vargas and former CEO of American Seafoods, was born in Norway and grew up outside of Oslo.

His original parents divorced, and his mother and stepfather followed him to the United States. Soon after, the Scandinavian youngster arrived in the United States, where, thanks to his parents’ contacts in the fishing industry, he worked as a deckhand on a fishing boat in Massachusetts and subsequently acquired a U.S. citizen.

Bernt Bodal Begun by Cleaning Fishes

After arriving in the United States, Bodal began by cleaning fish guts from machinery at a processing plant in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

In the Bering Sea, Bodal also hauled fish on board a catcher-processor. He claims to have learned what he knows on the job. After a year, he was promoted to captain. Body fished in Alaska for 13 years and became a trawler co-owner.

What He Became Who is the CEO?

Bernt joined American Seafoods as a minority partner in 1990 and was named president in 1994.

Then, in 1999, he and his team were granted exclusive rights to purchase the company from the owners for approximately $475 million, with financial backing from a New York equity firm. In January 2000, the erstwhile small-town youngster was appointed CEO of the company.

Bodal held 67 percent of the company as of June 2012. He then joined the board of directors of Assurance Foreningen Skuld. In May 2018, the son of a tram conductor resigned from the American Seafoods Company after more than 25 years of work.

Relationship Between Bernt Bodal and His Ex-Wife, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas

Bernt Bodal was married to Elizabeth Vargas, as previously stated. However, the facts of Bernt and his spouse’s marital dates are somewhat vague, with some stories suggesting they were married for five years. However, according to other stories, they were married for 17 years.

From 2000 to 2020, Bernt Bodal was married to ROHC’s Elizabeth Lyn Vargas.

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas and her ex-husband, Bernt Bodal, are Real Housewives of Orange County stars.

Elizabeth stated on her divorce date in an Instagram Story that she had been with Bernt for 20 years. Body and Vargas, on the other hand, reportedly married in 2000. According to some reports, they had been dating for two to three years before the wedding.

Vargas and Bodal had lived in La Quinta, California, after their marriage. Their marriage, on the other hand, would end in 2017.

The Cause of Bernt and Elizabeth’s Divorce

The former Seaman’s alleged adultery on Vargas prompted her to file for divorce in April 2017. The reality star confessed on the season 15 premiere of RHOC that Bodal not only cheated on her but also had a child from the extramarital affair.

Vargas stated that she and Bodal had difficulty sharing their assets during their divorce. Elizabeth mentioned in an interview that the separation expenses were expensive for her. The divorce proceedings lasted almost three years, with the court eventually finalizing their divorce in July 2020.

Who Is Bert Bodal Currently Dating?

According to several sources, he is currently seeing his girlfriend Michelle Fox, a businesswoman from California.

The Rock Your Business was founded by Fox. Michelle also serves as SentryHealth’s Senior Vice President of Business Development.

Bernt Bodal is presently dating Michelle Fox, a businessman from California.

While it is unknown when and how the now-Seattle resident and Michelle began dating, the latter’s images began showing on Bodal’s Facebook in early 2020. Bernt, on the other hand, first mentioned Fox as his boyfriend in a Facebook post in July 2019.

Vargas’ ex-wife wrote in the post,

“I’m extremely proud of my girlfriend @michellefox2 for executive producing the first-ever Montreux Legends Club…. It was a big success with host Mark Goodman of SiriusXM radio, Nigel Olsson and Ray Cooper of Elton John’s Band, and Will Calhoun of Living Colour.”

However, the post has already been removed.

While Bernt’s girlfriend Michelle has a private Instagram account, she has uploaded numerous photos of herself and Bodal on Facebook. As such, she posted a post on Bernt’s birthday in June 2020, referring to him as her “best friend, one true love, and the person who makes my heart light up every single day.”

According to her Facebook profile, Fox also has two children (a daughter and a boy).

Bernt and Michelle Have Already gotten Married?

Body and Fox’s relationship appears to be pretty serious. According to some sources, the two have been engaged for quite some time.

Bernt and Michelle, on the other hand, have not confirmed or discussed their engagement. There is, however, a photo of Fox wearing a ring on her left hand in one of Bodal’s Facebook posts (May 2019).

In actuality, they announced their relationship and announced their engagement during the RHOC reunion in January 2021. Elizabeth, on the other hand, was unaware of Fox and Bodal’s relationship.

Michelle Fox vs. Elizabeth Lyn Vargas

Elizabeth threw a social media meltdown after learning about her ex-new husband’s girlfriend.

The Missouri-born TV personality claimed she had spoken with her ex-husband and that Bernt told her he wasn’t planning on marrying anyone anytime near. She also allegedly called and texted her ex-partner several times.

After learning about Bodal’s engagement with Michelle, Elizabeth allegedly texted and contacted him several times.

After hearing all of Elizabeth’s social media comments, Fox came through the clouds and advised the Bravo actress to “get a life.” Elizabeth has been obsessing about the European-American businessman since learning about her and Bodal’s relationship, she claims.

She also revealed that Lyn has been phoning Bernt all the time.

“I’m sticking up for Bernt, who is the love of my life and we’ve been together for years.” “We both just want to get a life and leave – that’s why I said anything,” the mother of two added. Fox also revealed that she and Bodal had to send Elizabeth a cease and desist letter to stop contacting her boyfriend.

Bernt Bodal has two children from his previous marriage.

On paper, Bodal had already been married before Vargas.

He has three children from his first marriage. Bernt, on the other hand, has not revealed the identity of his children’s mother. Having said that, Bodal appears to have an incredible bond with all of his children.

Bernt was a musician as well.

When he was in Norway, the Norwegian also played in a band called Host. In reality, he had made three albums with them. He played bass guitar.

The father of three originally intended to be a musician and worked as a professional musician for five years. Bodal returned to music in the late 2000s and early 2010s, playing in a band called White Sox with people like Alan White [the drummer].

Michelle’s purported fiancee’s opulence extends even farther, with aircraft, boats, various residences, and so on. Bernt paid $3.5 million for a home in La Quinta, California, when he married Elizabeth (near Palm Springs).

In July 2020, he sold one of his ultra-facilitated residencies for more than $8 million. The nearly eight-acre property had a movie theater, a four-car garage, a greenhouse, a guest house, a pool, a tennis court, and a big lawn.

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