Who Is Ben Simmons Girlfriend? His Relationship & Dating History

The internet is frequently used to hunt for information about Ben Simmons’ girlfriend. There are no shocks here because the Australian basketball player is attractive to women. Because of this, he is in high demand by the paparazzi.

Ben has had plenty of romantic relationships in the past. To brag, the hunk has enjoyed relationships with several A-list celebs. Who is now Ben Simmons’ girlfriend is the key question in this situation.

We’re going to learn about his present romantic situation today. Let’s begin straight away!

Who Is the Girlfriend of Ben Simmons?

The English TV and radio host Maya Jama is the person Ben is now seeing. Additionally, they are engaged in addition to their relationship. The Sun claims that Ben privately asked his girlfriend to marry him, and she accepted.

A source close to the couple said of the engagement, “Ben adores Maya and has gone head over heels for her. The day before he proposed, he purchased the ring on Jewelers’ Row in Philadelphia’s diamond district.

The couple initially began dating in May 2021. When they were seen kissing during the 2021 Wimbledon, they appeared to confirm their relationship. Even though they now reside in separate nations, it is rumored that Maya is planning to immigrate to the United States to be with her future spouse.

Girlfriend of Ben Simmons

Maya and Ben admit to having an affair. CapitalXtra is the source

Speaking about Maya is well-known in the UK. She has so far hosted several well-known programs, including Cannonball, Glows Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star, Trending Live!, and Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer on BBC One.

Jama was born on August 14th, 1994, to a Swedish mother and a Somali father. She is a citizen of three countries: Somalia, Somalia, and Sweden.

Ben Simmons and Jasmine Rae are Supposedly Dating

Ben’s relationship with Jasmine first came to light in late 2020 when the Sixers star was seen in West Hollywood with an enigmatic woman.

At first, keen-eyed followers thought the woman was Yovanna Ventura, an Instagram model. The fact that Ben was the model’s Instagram follower strengthened the rumors. However, tabloids eventually started to focus on Jasmine.

When Rae was seen having a good time with Ben in Miami, AD followers were able to make the connection. After Jasmine landed in Philadelphia amid a pandemic in December 2020, she put the icing on the cake. Well, one doesn’t go in such strange times unless they have a special person on the other side, do they?

She also related a tale about her arrival in Philadelphia!

Regardless, the two never made a big deal out of their relationship. Like his prior relationships, Ben kept quiet. On each of their social media accounts, the couple never posted a single photo of themselves together.

Jasmine Rae: Who Is She?

Since Jasmine’s name appeared in the media, a lot of questions have been asked about her. Why else would they not? Rae allegedly dated NBA Hall of Famer Ben Simmons, after all.

Speaking of her career, she is an extremely successful Instagram model. She has more than 864k followers on Instagram as of the time this article was written, which is quite an accomplishment. She is additionally a client of Scout Modeling.

Additionally, Jasmine is supported by various national companies. Her YouTube channel is in addition to her Instagram account.

Ben Simmons’s Previous Relationships

Ben has previously been linked to vibrant beauty, as seen by his current connection with a stunning model. Let’s discuss each of them individually.

He was dating Dylan Gonzalez, a model, and rapper who played women’s basketball in the past, back in June of 2017. After only a few months, in November of that same year, their romance came to an end. Additionally, they kept their connection a secret, which is why there are no specifics about it.

The Australian athlete started dating American rapper Tinashe after splitting up with Dylan. In 2018, the ex-lovers had a brief courtship.

After posting comparable images to their Instagram accounts in March, they appeared to confirm the romance speculations. Ben has now removed the post, but Tinashe has retained it after they parted ways.

Tinashe, who was Tinashe’s ex-girlfriend, and Ben Simmons’ girlfriend.

Speaking of their breakup, Tinashe’s tendency to brag is reportedly what caused it. According to a source close to the basketball player, Ben was sick of Tinashe acting like a Kardashian. She is too public with everything, the source informed MTO News. This girl is phoning the paparazzi as their relationship is just beginning.

Ben once dated Brittanny Renner, a fitness model. Their romance rapidly came to an end.

Apart from his link-ups, Ben was previously charged by trans Instagram model Amani that he wanted her to hook up with him and five of his teammates concurrently. However, later on, it seemed like Amani was putting up phony stuff on the internet for clout.

Ben Famously Dated Kendall Jenner

Of all the girls Simmons has dated, his love story with Kendall garnered the most exposure from pop culture. Though there is no specific period as to when they started dating, various tabloids report they started going out in May of 2018.

Around the same time, numerous tabloids also mentioned that Ben was hanging out with Jenner although he still had not broken up things with Tinashe.

Their connection rapidly became a hot commodity among the media and fans alike. While they were dating, Kendall used to attend many of her former boyfriend’s games. Nevertheless, their love run its course and they split up in May 2019, a year after they started dating.

Even though the specific cause behind their separation is not known, people speculate it might be due to the physical distance between them. While Kendall was spending most of her time in Los Angeles, Ben was living in Philadelphia due to his team commitment. Despite all that, the two had separated on good terms thus we might see them back together in the foreseeable future.

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