Who is Ben Abbot? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

People continue to pursue a variety of careers. Ben Abbot decided to travel as a craftsman as a result.

Every weekend, Ben Abbot is seen creating steel-bladed chef’s knives and a remarkable range of “period-perfect” replica cauldrons, weapons, bowls, and jewelry while working as an electrical engineer during the day.

For the knives and the boxes they are stored in, he carves the wooden handles. In addition, he forges his own fire tongs and casts his own fireplace tiles for his Craftsman-style cottage in Pasadena. In essence, he produces a wide range of goods, from industrial gear to wedding jewelry.

Ben Abbott: Early Life, Age, Wiki, Parents, Ethnicity

At age 13, Ben Abbot started producing blades. He made his own sword because he couldn’t afford one at the time.

After numerous “spectacularly” unsuccessful attempts, he would read literature and watch blacksmiths at work at his restored villages or museums.

Knives were eventually made him by the time he was seventeen, and then ornamental ironwork, jewelry, and furniture came next.

But it took him some time to create his first sword. He eventually created his first blade, the fortunate “khanda sword,” which helped him take first place in a Forged in Fire program.

Ben Abbott In Forged In Fire

Forged in Fire, a series on the History Channel, saw Ben Abbot as one of the four judges who evaluated the quality of the work and eliminated one competitor at a time in 2017.

Ben had previously participated in the show as a participant, placing first in an episode of its second run in 2016.

The program was renewed for a seventh season, which concluded on February 5th, 2020. Four bladesmiths compete to forge bladed weapons in each episode of the competition series, hoping to win $10K as well as the day’s top prize.

Wife: Relationship With Her

Ben Abbott produced his wife Mandy stunning sterling silver dogwood necklaces, large copper, tin cookery pans, and delicate horn caviar spoons, according to an interview with HOMETOWN PASENDA from September 2010.

He and his wife were residing at the time in a bungalow in Northwest Pasadena. Additionally, that was the final time his wife was acknowledged in public.

He has recently started dating freelance choreographer, dancer, and artist Heather Rabun.

Since August 2018, the two have been openly sharing their sentiments on social media.

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