Who Is Aviva Drescher? Her Career, Marriage, & Other Untold Facts

Former reality actress and influencer Aviva Drescher gained notoriety for her role in The Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo.

She is most known for one of the most notorious episodes of “Housewives” history, in which she threw her prosthetic leg across a table after removing it.

Drescher ignited controversy and raised the show’s ratings to unprecedented heights as soon as she brought her prosthetic limb into the spotlight.

Drescher is blonde, attractive, and unapologetically truthful. She is, in fact, one of the most talked-about reality TV personalities and one of The Real Housewives of New York City’s boldest cast members. She is also an entrepreneur, in addition.

Read the frank descriptions of her life. The article that follows will provide a clear-cut exposé of Aviva’s numerous elective and medical procedures, as well as what happened to her away from reality television, her marital status, and much more.

Aviva Drescher Parents, Early Life

Drescher was born Aviva Teichner on September 9, 1970, in Manhattan. The daughter of George and Ingrid Teichner is large of German origin.

Former RHONY star, Aviva Drescher was born and raised in Manhattan.

Former Real Housewives of New York City star, Aviva Drescher was born to George and Ingrid Teichner. Source: Getty \sAD
When she was little, she lost her mother and after that, her father married a woman named, Dana Cody. Aviva lived in Manhattan all her early childhood, from her birth to up to her teenage years.

Drescher spent her early youth learning at Ethical Culture, a small private elementary school at 33 Central Park West.

Aviva Drescher Lost Her Foot At 6 Years Of Age

Aviva was six when she lost her foot in a barn accident. She had gone over to a friend’s house for a sleepover. She and her friend went into a barn and on the way, she ended up trapping her foot in a machine.

Aviva Drescher lost one of her feet in a barn accident when she was six.

An amputee herself, Aviva Drescher with fellow amputees.

The daughter of a German mother got an infection had a bunch of surgeries and eventually lost her whole foot above the ankle in the process. Since then she has had numerous—sometimes bizarre— attempts to reattach it.

Drescher says she has also wrestled with chronic panic attacks and phobias. She says in her adult life, she learned to use fashion and style to draw attention away from her prosthesis. Aviva wouldn’t get a high-heel prosthetic until she was twenty-eight.

She Lost Her Mother To Alcoholism

The real terror of Aviva’s life, though, was her mother’s addiction to alcoholism. Her mother struggled with alcoholism during Aviva’s school years and childhood.

Her mother, Ingrid’s health declined due to alcoholism, which eventually caused brain shrinkage, mini-strokes, and dementia.

After she passed away, Drescher wrote about her difficult life in post-WWII Germany, before she moved to America and became a model and Pan Am, stewardess.

Aviva’s Parents Were Followers Of Sai Baba

Both Aviva Drescher’s father and mother were a devotee of Sai Baba at one time. In the mid-eighties, she and her family went to Puttaparthi, Bangalore, India to see Saibaba.

They spent about five weeks there. After returning from India, her parents put up framed pictures of Sai Baba around the house. They even did one interview with him.

After decades of following him and admiring him, her dad and mom finally let his guru go following the revelation that Saibaba was a sham.

Her parents were also traveling junkies. And in addition to having a house in Manhattan, they also had a residency in Jamaica. With them, she and her brother, Andre cruised through trips around Europe, rode the orient express, and went on safari in Africa.

Aviva Drescher Was Tall For Her Age

By the time she was sixteen, Aviva was already five foot nine inches tall. And due to this, in high school, other students called her the ostrich girl because of her tall stature.

In high school, she played volleyball. She was the setter and the captain of the Fieldston volleyball team. Her grades and scores from her college preparatory years also were solid.

She eventually got admission to Vassar, a small liberal arts college in Poughkeepsie, New York which was her top choice.

Drescher Lived In France And Has A Law Degree

Aviva Drescher also lived in Paris. She had fled to the French capital in her early twenties, where she transformed herself into a wild club chick and danced on tables with the crème de la crème of the big-hair supermodel era.

After returning to the states, she started working at a life insurance company for a couple of years before quitting. She reveals she left this job of her because she was feeling like killing herself thinking and talking about death \ all day.

She then pursued law because Aviva says she had always had a passion for it and forever had a big mouth. Aviva took the LSAT and went to Benjamin N. Cardozo school of law in the west village of Manhattan.

She additionally has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s in French from New York University.

Her Real Housewives Career

As mentioned, Aviva Drescher gained recognition after appearing on RHONY the franchise’s fifth season. She would remain on the show until the finale of the sixth season.

In the show, her storyline centered around her life with a prosthetic leg. She is famously known for her famous “leg throw,” scene in the twentieth episode of the show’s sixth season.

Other reality shows where she has had credits include a TV series documentary, Marie, TV series, Bethany, and Watch What Happens Live.

Aviva Drescher Is Also Into Social Service

After quitting RHONY, Drescher began working as the brand ambassador for several companies including Juice Plus and Smile Sciences. She also does several philanthropic works.

The tall blonde former reality star is the National Spokesperson for One Step Ahead and CAF organizations helping amputees. Drescher also serves as an Advisory Board Member of Cancer Schmancer/Trash Cancer and additionally works with the Live4Life Foundation.

Aviva And Her Husband Reid Drescher’s Relationship

Starting from her teen years, Drescher has had a series of relationships. Aviva has four children from two marital relationships. She is currently the wife of Reid Drescher. Her husband is a Wall Street investment banker.

Aviva Drescher is currently married to Reid Drescher with whom she has two children.

As per Daily Mail, they married in November 2006. Together with Reid, she is mother to son Hudson and daughter Sienna. Aviva is also a stepmom to Reid’s daughter Veronica from a previous marriage.

Drescher and her current husband, Reid Drescher starred in the WE TV series, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. They also renewed their vows on the show.

They re-celebrated their wedding at Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa in Mexico in front of their children.

She Also Had A Son With Real Estate Investor Harry Dubin

Before, Reid, Drescher was married to RHONY playboy and a real estate investor, Harry Dubin (m. ?-2005). With him, she had a son Harrison.

Her first ever reported boyfriend’s name is Mike whom she stated she was dating around the time when she was preparing to go to India.

Aviva is also the ex-wife of the real estate investor Harry Dubin.

Aviva Drescher was formerly married to Harry Dubin (right) with whom she had a son.

It was the mid-80s and she was then in her teenage years, and in her autobiography, Leggy Blonde, Drescher writes she and mike were madly, sincerely, and passionately in love.

She split up with Mike in the summer right before she was set to start college. He was a few years her senior. Aviva claims the split was fairly straightforward.

When she was in law school she dated a man named Jonathan, a business student at Columbia University who she had met through standard connections.

In Paris too, she had a boyfriend named Alexandre. He, at the time, was 10 years her senior and a nightclub manager.

Also, in Oct 2021, while giving an interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, film producer, Jason Blum stated he and Aviva dated when both of them were in college.

Is Aviva Related To Fran Drescher?

Noticeably, Aviva and The Nanny actress, Fran Drescher have the same last name. And are they related?

It was actress, Fran Drescher that urged Aviva Drescher to join RHONY.

The Nanny actress, Fran Drescher is the cousin of Aviva Drescher’s husband. Source: CHRISTIAN WITKIN/TRUNK ARCHIVE \sAD
While not through blood, they do share some tie courtesy to Drescher’s marriage to Reid. Aviva’s husband and Fran are cousins.

Bravo reports Fran joined them on their second date. The three of them went to watch a Broadway show together and Fran and Aviva became fairly close friends.

What’s more, it was Fran who convinced Drescher into joining RHONY. She informed the five-foot-ten-inches tall former law student how she might be a great role model for other amputees by participating in the show.

She Had An Abortion

In her memoir, Leggy Blonde, the mother of three recalls how she had an abortion three months before her ex-husband, Harry Dubin asked her to marry him.

Talking about her decision, Drescher claims she felt nothing (No regret) (No regret). She explains it was the logical decision, and Harry supported it.

Aviva Drescher Net Worth

Aviva Drescher has a net worth of over $20 million. The now 51-year-old primarily raked made her riches from her reality TV employment.

In addition, she also derives benefits from advertising businesses like Focus Factor, a brain health supplement firm. She has been the product’s spokesman for some time.

The luxury of Descher is also clear in all of her Facebook & Instagram photos where she occasionally exhibits her larger-than-life gateways and vacations.

She also generates money from her enterprises – having launched many – beauty and health-related goods in the last few years.

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