Who is Andre Drummond? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Relationship, Wife

Who is Andre Drummond?

The children of Andre Drummond are miracles that never stop being miracles, being full of beauty, always adorable, and being a source of wonder to their parents.

Andre Drummond, a well-known basketball star, is also the proud father of Deon King Drummond and Aubrey EllaRose Costandoni-Drummond.

They are not twins and only have the same father. His children were born in 2019.

Drummond is the father of two children by two different women. Words, however, could only begin to capture his happiness as a father to two children separated by a month.

Relationship Details, Andre Drummond is Married?

Rumors about Drummond having two children with two different Instagram models started to circulate in 2018.

Drummond gained more incredible notoriety as he simultaneously fell pregnant with a son and a daughter with two of his girlfriends in the fall of 2019.

He had a daughter, Aubrey EllaRose, with Elizabeth Costadoni as his second kid after having a baby boy, Deon King, with Abigail Russo.

Deon’s mother, Abigail, is a stylish Instagram model who also advocates for good health and beauty.

She is also well-known for her hookup with Andre Drummond, albeit their relationship ended soon after Deon was born.

Judith Costadoni

Elizabeth Costadoni is known for being the mother of NBA star Drummond’s child. They had a kid together, Aubrey Ella Rose, despite not being together.

The mother and daughter pair has a special affinity and affection that no other pair of people can match.

Aubrey shares a home with her mother, as does Deon, and Costandoni hasn’t made any effort to ensure that Aubrey’s life is noteworthy.

Drummond, Andre Deon King Drummond, son

Deon King, the son of Andre Drummond and Abigail Russo, was born on February 21, 2019.

He has a half-sister named Aubrey EllaRose Costadoni-Drummond who is a month younger than him.

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Quick facts about ABC

Full Name Deon King Drummond (Son)
Date of Birth February 21, 2019
Age 3 years old
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Birthplace Not available
Nationality American

ABC: Early Life, Age, Wiki, Parents, Ethnicity

Aubrey was born on March 22, 2019, to her mother Elizabeth Costandoni, and father Andre Drummond.

A month had passed since the birth of Aubrey’s half-brother Deon. She is a half-sister to Deon King Drummond, her brother.

According to her birth date of March 22, 2019, Aubrey is three years old.

Aubrey, Andre’s daughter, is one of those precious gifts that brings joy and unconditional love into everyone’s lives on an ongoing basis.

She is a beautiful toddler who is adored by everyone and is roughly three years old.

The exemplary father

Drummond posted a terrifying video depicting his bravery in saving his youngster from drowning.

His 2-year-old son Deon accidentally fell into a private pool during the terrifying occurrence.

According to the surveillance footage, his family was hanging out by the pool when Deon stumbled and fell into the water. The event was reported in August 2021.

Drummond lifted his son out of the water by diving into the pool in a hurry.

Deon was uninjured because of Drummond’s quick steps to save his son from a pool catastrophe.

He later posted the video on Twitter with “NOT ALL HERO WEARS CAPES,” and he also added, “a parent’s greatest nightmare,” as they hoped to avert the potential accident.

Education, Schooling, University

There is no information about his education and schooling.

Professional Career, ( basketball player)

American-born professional basketball player Andre Jamal Drummond is now on the court with the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets.

In 2011, he was one of the top basketball players in his high school.

He enrolled at UConn after high school and played basketball for the Connecticut Huskies there before declaring for the NBA draft.

The Detroit Pistons’ 6’10” strong center man was named to the NBA All-Rookie Second Team in 2013. In the same way, he received his first All-Star designation in 2016.

Later, in 2020, he was dealt to the Cleveland Cavaliers. He signed up with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2021 after coming to a buyout deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Drummond, who was born in Mount Vernon, New York, has consistently ranked among the league’s top rebounders.

He is the father of two children—a boy and a daughter—from a previous relationship, but he is currently enjoying living alone.

Net Worth 2023, Salary, Assets

Andre Drummond, a well-known figure in the current NBA, has a $40 million fortune.

The player’s $127 million contract was thought to be the largest ever in the history of the team.

Due to the trade kicker, he earned an extra $857,000 after being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Andre Drummond currently makes $2,401,537 playing for the Brooklyn Nets. He is the 41st highest-paid center this year and the 12th most paid player for the Brooklyn Nets.

He has endorsement agreements with numerous companies, such as Electronic Arts, Pandora Media, and Panini, in addition to his basketball career, to supplement his income.

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Rumors and Controversy

Talking about his rumors and controversy, he has not been in any part of rumors as well as controversy to date.

What is the Height of Andre Drummond? Weight, Full Body Status

Deon was born on February 21, 2019, making him three years old as of right now.

Except for the happiness he provides to his parent’s lives, everything about him is precious and small, including his tiny hands, feet, grins, hypnotic black eyes, wavy brown hair, and arms that are just the right size for a tight hug.

Deon, a variation of the term “Dion,” a short form of Dionysus, the God of wine, is also likely the meaning of his name. The alternative name, King, has American ancestry and means “ruler.”

Social Media Accounts

Concerning her name, Aubrey EllaRose Costadoni-Drummond, Aubrey, whose English name means “Noble Ruler,” is of English origin. Likewise, a source from Australia claims that EllaRose refers to a “Beautiful Fairy.”

She and her mother were frequently seen together on social media. The mother-daughter pair appears to have a solid bond and an abundance of love.

On the other hand, Aubrey also has a personal Instagram account. However, it is currently private.

@aubrey ellarose on Instagram

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