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The author Amanda Head of Hollywood Conservative enjoys her marriage to her husband, Ryan. In October 2019, Head married Ryan at the age of 32, and the couple is now celebrating seven years of marriage since they first met. Their beautiful journey together is clear in Head’s social media posts.

Amanda Head’s Married Life

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On July 17, 2020, it will have been six years since Head and Amanda Head devoted husband Ryan embarked on their first date. Head wrote the following in a post to Instagram commemorating their sixth anniversary of the wonderful start to their beginning:

6 years ago today, this guy took me on a date. It didn’t take long for me to realize he was different – that this was something serious and worthy of all my effort. Thank God I’m charming, otherwise, I’d never have snagged someone of his caliber.

She unabashedly flaunts her attractive hunk, who is assuredly tall and charming, on social media time and time again. The most crucial aspect of their relationship, though, is the unwavering love and respect they have for one another.

After becoming engaged on January 2, 2019, they started a new chapter in their relationship by getting married on October 19, 2019. Ryan is undoubtedly one of the finest things to have ever happened to her, and she never misses an opportunity to show him some love on Instagram. Head wrote in one of these posts,

I’m so lucky to have this man to lean on for the rest of my life. I’m a total alpha in every other aspect of my life but in our marriage, he’s my anchor and leader.

Additionally, the couple has been living in Los Angeles, California, with a pet cat and has not yet given birth to any children.

A Short Bio Revealing Her Personal Life Information

The March 5 birthday girl, who is 37 years old, is originally from Alabama. Amanda Head Instagram posts demonstrate how close she is to her parents, who routinely show up on her social media accounts.

On May 16, Head recently observed the 50th wedding anniversary of her parents. In her article, she praised the longevity of her family’s marriages over several generations. And ideally Head and Ryan will carry on the tradition.

After graduating from Auburn University and receiving encouragement from her parents to pursue her passion, Head decided to pursue music. She entered journalism after a brief career as a trained classical vocalist. (Cialis)

Learn Head’s Career and Net Worth

Prior to her career in journalism, for which she is well-known, she worked in the entertainment sector, where she performed at venues including the Hollywood Bowl Ford Amphitheatre, SXSW Music Festival, and a few more opera and musical theater productions.

In order to get her voice and ideas known on the political agenda, she gave up the entertainment industry in 2016 and started working in journalism. She joined The John Cardillo Show in 2016 as a co-host and continued there through 2017. The Committee to Defend the President as a Nation Spokesperson was the next stop for her.

Head continues to work for The Rebel Media as a contributor for more than five years after gaining expertise as a spokesperson. The journalist has also worked for America’s Voice News, where she currently serves as host, and CRN Digital Talk Radio.

She started The Hollywood Conservative, her own news website, in search of greater freedom in her professional life. Now that she uses the website as a platform to express her political views and opinions without restriction, she is becoming even more well-known. She also frequently hosts special guest segments on Fox News, MSNBC, NBC, and BBC World.

Head’s net worth is unknown, however, she most likely makes more than $60,000 each year doing news shows.

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