Twitch Streamers Boxbox and Annie back together again after a 3-month break-up

Boxbox and Annie, two Twitch streamers, have been dating for almost a decade. While the couple had a three-month breakup, they are again back together and appear to be happier than ever.

Fortunately, the two were able to work out their differences and reunite. Boxbox and Annie are now in a happy relationship and cherish every moment they have together.

Relationship Status

On November 17, 2013, the couple began their love connection. Since then, the two have been featured on each other’s social media accounts and Twitch streams on a regular basis.

Furthermore, in November 2019, they celebrated six years of relationship. Annie shared adorable photos of the couple on Instagram on November 21 to commemorate the occasion.

Boxbox and Annie
Source: Twitter

She stated in her lengthy statement that her love for her lover grows by the day and that she feels at ease around him. Similarly, she noted that her boyfriend is very lovely and supportive and that despite his other commitments, he always makes time for her. She also mentioned in the latter section of the caption that they had split up and that it was a horrible decision.

However, Annie wasn’t the only one who revealed her feelings on that occasion; Boxbox also shared a gorgeous photo with his partner, writing in the caption that they had been dating for seven years.

The Reason Behind Their Break Up

For more than half a decade, the streaming couple has been together. They stayed together during those years and shared all of their joys and sorrows. The streamers’ admirers felt they would never leave each other because of their strong bond. (americachip) However, due to their long-distance romance, the two lovers split up in 2017.

The breakup was difficult for both of them, and they were both disappointed. They later recognized that splitting up was a poor idea.

Three months after their breakup, the ex-lovers reunited and resolved to never make the same mistake again. The boyfriend-girlfriend couple has been together ever since.

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