Top 4 Volleyball Anime

Sports anime is a genre that many people overlook. When you narrow it down to a specific sport, like volleyball, you’ll notice that quality takes precedence over quantity.

Honey’s Anime is no stranger to covering a wide range of niche anime. If you read our previous article ranking the best wrestling anime, you should have a good idea of what to expect from this one.(Top 4 Volleyball Anime)

We felt it was only natural to cover one of the more popular sporting events showcased while the Summer Olympics were still fresh in our minds. Volleyball is the epitome of a collaborative effort.

Volleyball, unlike some other team sports, emphasizes the importance of each player equally. This spirit is reflected in the anime featured in this article. With that said, the Top 4 Volleyball Anime are now ready to be revealed.

4. Attack on Tomorrow (Ashita e Attack!)

This dramatic sports anime follows a group of females who form a high school volleyball team. Their unwavering commitment and determination transform the team from an unorganized club to a school-wide powerhouse.

The club’s next mission, after becoming well-known at their school, is to conquer the National High School Volleyball League and win the volleyball championship. It won’t be easy for the girls, but with their combined efforts, they’ll do everything they can to achieve their ultimate goal. As they rise to prominence in the anime, the team is put to the test both mentally and physically while learning important life lessons.

Attack on Tomorrow
Attack on Tomorrow ( Source: Pinterest)

The concept for our first selection was largely inspired by the 1976 Olympic gold medalist Japanese women’s volleyball team in Montreal, Canada. It was also influenced by Attack No. 1, another anime on this list. Attack on Tomorrow was so similar to its inspiration in concept and plot that it was canceled after only 23 episodes, making it the shortest episodic anime on this list.

There are some charming moments in Attack on Tomorrow. Volleyballs striking people’s heads, for example, convey a dash of light-hearted comedy. Overall, it isn’t as innovative as Attack No. 1, but it isn’t a bad choice if you’re looking for a volleyball anime.

3. Attacker You!

This anime follows You Hazuki, a bright and ambitious high school girl who relocates from Osaka to Tokyo to live with her father, Toshihiko. You are a volleyball fanatic who hopes to one day represent Japan in the 1988 Seoul Olympics by joining the Japanese women’s volleyball team. To do so, she joins the volleyball club at her high school, which is coached by her homeroom teacher. When her coach’s players don’t perform to their full potential, he slaps them around the face.

Fortunately for You, she develops into one of their most valuable players. You form a tumultuous friendship with Nami Hayase, her soon-to-be arch-rival, and things heat up when they are assigned to opposing teams. You hope to defeat Nami’s team while also winning the heart of her crush, So Takiki, in the midst of all the drama.

Attacker You!
Attacker You! ( Source: Pinterest)

Attack No. 1 provided some inspiration for this, as did the previous selection. One of the most bizarre series on this list is Attack You! Having You divide her desires for improving as a volleyball player and having a token romance with the male volleyball team’s head coach. Daimon Kantoku, You’s abusive coach, is extremely vicious and slaps his players for giving up even a single point. This show also includes some unusual comedy and early examples of chibi animation.

You will not be disappointed if you are a fan of cheeky fanservice. Panty shots, bare breasts, and buttocks can be seen in a variety of places. The animation is a little dated, but if you like over-the-top moments with fanservice and a lot of volleyball action, this one is worth watching.

2. Attack No. 1

Kozue, a passionate high school volleyball player, aspires to play for the Japanese national team. Kozue’s journey from the bottom of the school district league to the international volleyball championship is chronicled in this series. Throughout the anime, Kozue quickly ascends the ladder of success, only to be confronted with some of the less appealing aspects of celebrity, such as self-conceit, unwelcomed expectations, and other negative aspects.

Attack No. 1
Attack No. 1 ( Source: Pinterest)

Attack No. 1 is a groundbreaking anime that was the first of its kind to be broadcast on television. Chikako Urano created the manga in 1968, and it was adapted into an anime a year later. It was created to capitalize on the 1964 Japanese Olympic volleyball team’s gold medal performance on the women’s side of the sport.

Japan was also the host country for those summer games, which added to the excitement of their success. In a long, well-constructed series, this sports drama conveys the many negative effects on an athlete rising to greatness. Throughout the anime, Kozue’s character is put to the test as she strives to become the best volleyball player in the world.

As corny as that may sound, it does a fantastic job of depicting Kozue’s real-life struggles, which makes it all the more satisfying when she reaches the pinnacle of her athletic career. This series is still popular in Japan and is regarded as a pioneer in the field of sports anime, particularly volleyball.

1. Haikyuu!!

After seeing a volleyball pro known as “Little Giant” in action, Shouyou Hinata was inspired. Hinata, a similarly short-statured individual, decides to resurrect his school’s volleyball club. When their first game does not go as planned and they are easily handled by Tobio Kageyama, the club is thrown into chaos.

Hinata vows to outshine his new rival and joins the volleyball team after graduating from high school, only to discover that Kageyama has also joined the team. Both teammates want to be the captain of their team, but they have different issues. They only understand the true meaning of success when they decide to work together and try to solve their problems.

Haikyuu!! ( Source: Pinterest)

We recognize that there isn’t a lot of volleyball anime out there, as evidenced by this list, but we believe this is the best of the bunch. Furthermore, we believe it is one of the best sports anime series of all time. It establishes itself as a high-quality sports series with likable characters and a gripping plot. It accomplishes all of this while only airing 25 episodes.

Hinata and Kageyama have a fantastic chemistry. With a short temper and a cold glare, Kageyama is intimidating. Despite this, he is the squad’s youngest member. Hinata, on the other hand, appears to be much younger and more approachable. Their shared passion for volleyball is the most obvious parallel. Don’t worry, Haikyuu!! fans: there will be a third season in October, as the show continues to build on its legacy.

Last Thoughts

That brings another niche countdown at Honey’s Anime to a close. We sincerely hope that we have provided you with some new anime that volleyball fans will enjoy. Regardless, we recommend that all anime fans with a passing interest in sports watch all of these shows.

Are you dissatisfied with the paucity of volleyball anime? If that’s the case, you’re not alone! Please share your thoughts on this list, as well as any volleyball mangas that you think could be adapted to anime. We’re excited to hear what you have to say!

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