To Raise Money For The Red Cross Flood Victims Straight TV Hosts Kiss On Air

Grant Denyer and Ben Fordham are facing backlash after sharing a same-sex kiss during a telethon fundraiser for Australia Unites.

Grant Denyer and Ben Fordham performed a live on-air stunt on behalf of the Red Cross to raise $50,000 for flood victims.

Over $25 million Australian dollars was raised for an Australia Unites telethon on Saturday (12 March).

During the fundraiser, an unnamed “major Australian corporation” promised a $50,000 donation if Denyer and Fordham kissed on live television.

Despite the victory, the kiss between the two straight men drew criticism for turning an LGBTQ+ moment into “entertainment.”

“I applaud 7/9/10 for hosting this Telethon for flood victims.” “It should be done by the government,” tweeted Twitter user Chris McKay.

Grant Denyer and Ben Fordham
Caption: Grant Denyer and Ben Fordham Kissing Glenn Howerton (Photo; Instagram)

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In a now-deleted tweet, author Alex Leslie, who identifies as gay, called the fundraising stunt “sleazy” and questioned why two news producers had to kiss to raise money for a charity.


“I’m uncomfortable about the way that men kissing men and people cross-dressing is being encouraged as a joke for charity on Australia Unites,” said online user Nicole Mugford. Please don’t make fun of these situations in the name of amusement.”

Melissa Blackwood, who retweeted Mugford’s remark, echoed Mugford’s criticism: “I understand! Grant Denyer’s remark about the kiss being worth $5 irritates me because it implies that the LGBT community hasn’t been fighting for rights for years.”

Some users, on the other hand, praised the event and its mission of assisting flood victims.

Is it just me, or did Ben Fordham and Grant Denyer just have a big kiss for $50,000 for the Flood Appeal? You guys rock!! Suzanne Howard tweeted, “Bring it in.”

“Thanks to everyone who has supported the flood telethon #australiaunites and thanks to @grantdenyer for the pash rash,” Fordham writes on Twitter, thanking viewers for their support of the Australia United telethon.

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