Argentine Actor Juan Pablo Di Has Come Out as Gay – Know About His Journey Here!

Juan Pablo Di Pace, an Argentine actor, came out as gay in public after felt it was his job to inform the world. During a TedX Talk in March 2019, the Buenos Aires native announced his sexuality, which was taped in March and released on YouTube in late June, which also happens to be Pride Month.

Di Pace revealed in the YouTube video “The Story of Your Life” that after being offered the role of Jesus Christ in the NBC series A.D., he understood it was okay to be gay. The Bible Goes On.

“They chose me out of all the individuals in the world who could play this part,” he remarked. The actor went on to say, “So there I am, hanging on a cross in Morocco, looking up at the sky and thinking to myself, “You may still strike me down with lightning.” Is it certain that you want me to portray your son?'”

During his address, Di Pace also revealed that 20 years ago, he told the most significant people in his life about his sexuality, including his parents and friends. However, he lacked confidence when it came to publicly disclosing his sexuality. He added that when he was a child, he was called an anti-gay slur, and that experience forever influenced his capacity to accept his own identity.

Di Pace, who was born in Argentina, openly accepted his identity after a series of events, including portraying Jesus Christ on-screen and students at a TedX Talk believing his narrative might inspire them.

In some ways, I felt as though they [students] had done me a favor. I’ve been out for almost two decades. It’s not like this was a hidden secret that I had to reveal all of a sudden.

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Di Pace, who was born on July 25, 1979, to Victorio Di Pace and Marta Maineri, has not divulged any specifics about his past relationships, including whether he had any gay boyfriends or companions. In terms of his personal life, he has never been married.

However, he confesses that his father continually reminds him to marry and start a family. “My father can’t wait for me to marry and start a family,” the actor continued.

We’re having these conversations now, and it’s truly astonishing. My parents are everything to me, and seeing their progress is a wonderful, wonderful development. In addition to his mother and father, the star of Dashing in December has a brother and a sister. Maria Victoria di Pace, his sister, is an actress with whom he appeared in Survival Island and Tutti Intorno A Linda.

Federico Di Pace, his younger brother, is a macroeconomics enthusiast.

Di Pace, who is also a musician, is best known for his role as Petros in Mamma Mia!, a musical romantic comedy film released in 2008. On Netflix’s series Fuller House, he played the role Fernando. Some people may also recognize him from his appearance on the 2018 season of Dancing with the Stars.

Beautiful Act has left ‘Dancing with the Stars’

On the 27th season of ABC’s dance competition series Dancing with the Stars, he was confirmed as one of the celebrity candidates alongside dancing partner Cheryl Burke. Milo Manheim, Nikki Glaser, and troupe members Alan Bersten and Lindsay Arnold were among the competitors.

While the other contenders were stepping up their game by devoting their semi-finals dances to their loved ones, Di Pace chose to dedicate his semi-finals dance to his mother.

And the audience was in tears when he said that his mother had just won her cancer battle. He also admitted that the dance (he danced the tango) reminded him of his mother’s ‘fighting spirit,’ and that she continues to inspire him every day.

The emotional rollercoaster caught many viewers off guard, and several wrote about how impressed they were by the narrative.

Some even offered their personal experiences and how they related to the dancer’s feelings toward his mother. As she watched her son’s elegant moves throughout preparation and the final performance, his mother was there to support him. Yes, that was his final performance, since he was eliminated on November 13, 2018, alongside another participant, Joe Amabile.

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