Ted Nikolis Married After Fifty, Did You Know? Everything You Should Know About His Love Life!

Ted Nikolis’ marriage to Lauren Green is well-known. Merle, Brown & Nakamura has hired him as Counsel.

Wiki and Facts

Full Name Ted Nikolis
First Name Ted
Last Name Nikolis
Profession Celebrity Spouse
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Lauren Green
Married Date May 2, 2015

At the age of fifty, Ted Nikolis married

During New York Fashion Week, Ted Nikolis met his better half (Lauren Green). Since then, they’ve remained in touch. However, the exact date they started dating has yet to be established. They used to go on dates, eat meals together, and attend activities together, but they always kept their relationship a secret. The couple dated for a long time before getting married. She was 52 years old when he married her.

Ted Nikolis married Lauren Green, his long-term partner, on May 2, 2015. In the same year, the couple became engaged. They mustered the courage to marry at fifty years old. Despite the fact that his date of birth is unknown. We believe he was in his fifties at the time. It wasn’t a traditional wedding, but rather a role model for those who are worried about starting a new life after a certain age. For this pair, age is just a number when it comes to pure love.

Had a Happily Ever After Celebration

In New York, the couple held a huge Greek wedding with family and friends in attendance. The couple married on Saturday and held a massive ‘Happily Ever After’ party that evening to celebrate their ‘Happily Ever After.’ The event was small, with only a few family members in attendance. The gathering was held at his sister-in-house. law’s (Lois). Following then, the party was mixed with birthday celebrations. The first celebration was held outside, but it had to be moved inside due to insect bites.

The wedded couple took part in a range of events, including a Q&A session. It’s a game in which we ask both the groom and the bride questions about each other, and the person who correctly answers the questions wins. His wife, a 90-year-old mother, however, stole the show and became the talk of the town by attending the party in skinny jeans.

His wife is now the Chief Religion Correspondent for Fox News Channel. The couple is childless, but due to their age gap, they may consider adopting a kid. The couple has been happily married and settled for the past five years. There have also been no previous reports of them being associated with anyone. Ted Nikolis’ previous life and relationships are no longer visible to the public because he is extremely private.

Net Worth

Ted Nikolis’ net worth is still unclear, however, his wife (Lauren Green) is said to be worth around $2 million. Lauren’s annual salary could be $122,000, but this is only an estimate; the actual figure could be higher or lower. Her job as a top anchor, host, and correspondent provides her with the majority of her income. She is also passionate in music. Her album “Classic Beauty” has made her famous.


  • In 1984, his wife (Lauren Green) was crowned Miss Minnesota.
  • His wife is an African Methodist Episcopal Church member.

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