Taylor Frey, Glenn Frey’s Daughter: Interesting Facts About Her Life

Fully Taylor Frey American actress Taylor Marie Frey has performed in numerous stage productions in New York City and Los Angeles. In addition to her on-screen roles, Taylor has worked as a writer, schoolteacher, children’s instructor, and more.

However, Frey is most well-known for being the late rock legend Glenn Frey’s daughter. He was the band’s lead singer and one of its co-founding members. Taylor has been a part of the band since her father passed away in January 2016 in an effort to carry on his legacy. She is now the band’s road manager.

Many people are also interested in learning whether Taylor Frey, the daughter of Glenn Frey, is wed or not. Let’s try to learn as much as we can about her personal and professional lives.

Toby Frey Birthdate and Country of Citizenship

On March 10, 1991, in the United States of America, Frey was born. She will be 31 years old in 2022. Her younger brother Deacon Frey shared a picture of his sister on Instagram in March 2019 to mark her 28th birthday. He noted:

I wish the coolest girl I know a happy birthday! @taynologic, I adore you with all of my heart.

Taylor also has a mixed ethnic background and is an American national. From her father’s side, she has French-Canadian, English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry.

Her parents are who? She Has A Dancer Mother

Taylor is the child of Glenn Frey and his wife Cindy Millican Frey, as was already mentioned above. Her mother Cindy is a professional dancer and choreographer, while her father was one of the most well-known figures in the music industry.

Aside from their romantic history, Glenn and Cindy, his then-wife, were wed in 1990. They were a couple up until Frey’s death in January 2016.

How Passed Away Taylor Frey’s Father?

Glenn Frey, Taylor’s father, passed away on January 18, 2016. He passed away when he was 67 years old. According to medical records, the renowned artist passed away at the Columbia University Medical Center in New York as a result of complications from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis, and pneumonia.

Taylor’s mother sued Mount Sinai Hospital and gastroenterologist Steven Itzkowitz for the wrongful death of her husband about two years after his passing.

Two of AD Frey’s brothers

Taylor Frey, who comes from a famous family, spent her childhood years with her two younger brothers, Deacon and Otis Frey. While Deacon has pursued a career similar to that of her father, Otis, her second younger brother, has avoided the spotlight.

Since Glenn passed away in 2016, Deacon has taken over Glenn’s responsibilities in Eagles. At the band’s Classic West and Classic East performances in late September 2017, he received his first professional gig as the band’s frontman. Since then, he has appeared in a lot of concerts all over the world.

The promising singer’s undisclosed illness prevented him from joining Eagles on their Hotel California 2022 tour, though. In February 2022, Eagles posted a Facebook update announcing the news. They claimed,

The Eagles’ “Hotel California 2022 Tour,” which begins on February 19 at Savannah, Georgia’s Enmarket Arena, will be without Deacon Frey due to illness. In Deacon’s absence, his bandmates will handle his tour duties.

Her University

Frey attended NYU Tisch Art and Public Policy after graduating high school in 2009. She became the first member of her family to graduate from college when she received her bachelor of fine arts in drama and BFA from the college in 2013.

What does Taylor Frey, the daughter of Glenn Frey, do?

Taylor seems to be a part of a different era of entertainment than her father. She is an aspiring actress with a few acting accomplishments. The celebrity kid performed in a number of stage productions in Los Angeles and New York, including The Judgement Day Refreshment Committee, before landing some professional gigs. The 31-year-old also contributed to The Dallas Spiders Club, a sketch comedy.

Regarding her professional roles, Taylor debuted in the 2015 film Carol as a party girl. In the television series The Fantastic Adventures of Foolish Gentleman the following year, Frey played Park Couple.

Roadies, Camille at the Beach, and Harvey’s Last Night on the Avenue are just a few of her other acting roles.

Her Additional Works: Mentoring, Writing, and Teaching

In addition to her appearances in films and television programs, Taylor has also held a position as an associate teacher at Life Grove School in Malibu, California. She used to instruct acting to students in the age range of 6-9. She spent a lot of time working as a teacher of kids with learning disabilities.

In addition, Taylor Frey worked as a mentor (head of young adult women studies) at an Individual U in New York from September 2013 to June 2016. Her work at the time focused on developing individualized curricula for students with learning disabilities.

Speaking more specifically about her professional achievements, the talented woman also writes. Taylor has been a writer for New Leaf Literary & Media in New York since January 2017.

Glenn Frey’s daughter once worked at CRAIG’S RESTAURANT, according to her Linkedin profile.

Taylor is the new manager of the Eagles.

Despite Glenn Frey’s passing, his children are doing a fantastic job of preserving his memory. As we discussed earlier, after their father’s passing, her brother Deacon filled their father’s position in the band. However, Taylor is currently the Eagles’ road manager. Her primary focus is the band’s touring.

Does Taylor Frey have a boyfriend or is she married?

While the majority of her professional information is readily accessible online, little is known about her personal life. The actress’s marital status has not yet been confirmed, despite the fact that the majority of her fans want to know. Furthermore, no one in the tabloids has yet made any indications as to whether she currently has a boyfriend or not.

In other words, Taylor, who presently resides in New York, is single, if some online tabloids are to be believed.

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