Tanya Memme actually quit ‘Home and Family’ for her self worth!

During the middle of 2015, Tanya Memme was at the top of the ladder. After she departed the Hallmark Channel’s show Home And Family, however, things changed.

Though the true reason for her departure was never known at the time, it was later revealed that she left the show to improve her self-esteem. Tanya Memme said in 2018 that she was subjected to terrible abuse and conditions while working on the show.

Tanya Memme‘s career seemed to be blossoming as a DIY guru for kids on the popular show Home And Family. On the surface, everything appeared to be well, but behind the scenes, the Canadian television host was allegedly struggling with a litany of issues. As a result, the former Miss World Canada chose to leave the talk show on which she and her daughter both starred and which they both adored after five years.

Find out what motivated the popular host to call it a day in the following paragraphs.

The Harsh Truth behind Tanya Memme’s Departure from ‘Home & Family’

Everything seemed to be going well on the show Home & Family, and no one had detected anything unusual. They had no idea, however, that Memme was in an unpleasant predicament.

The sudden disappearance of the popular DIY-segment host, who was a regular on the talk show, raised many eyebrows. However, none of the inquiries were answered at the time. However, as the saying goes, the real truth cannot be hidden indefinitely, and the same thing happened here. When another Home & Family cast member, chef Shanti Hinojos, filed a lawsuit against Hallmark Channel’s owner for sexual harassment on October 22, 2018, the DIY expert used the opportunity to expose the reason for her departure from the show.

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Tanya Memme Hallmark
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Meme reached the article’s comment area, where the story of chef Shanti Hinojos was published and disclosed the harsh truth. Among other things, she stated that she had to deal with “intolerable abusive conditions.” She went on to say that the Hallmark Channel was aware of the situation but did nothing about it.

Hi Everyone, This is Tanya Memme. I was on Home and Family for 4 years and all during this time. I was forced to quit the show (even though I loved my actual job) because of the intolerable abusive conditions I was met with as well as so many others. I am feeling the consequences of my decision but not once have I ever regretted leaving. Hallmark knew this was going on and did nothing for any of us. 

Tanya Memme’s Life Journey after Quitting the Show

Life was never simple for the former Miss World Universe when she left the Home & Family show. Following professional abuse and a divorce from her husband, the Canadian actress left the show she loved in just eight months. She has a daughter, Ava Yepremyan, with him.

Rodney Flowers, the former Hallmark Channel star, claimed in an interview with Rodney Flowers that he has had a difficult two years, highlighted by significant financial and personal losses.

The well-known housewife, on the other hand, did not look back on her decision to leave the tumultuous employment. While there were consequences, the Canadian beauty believed she made up for her financial losses by maintaining her dignity and self-worth.

The TV star began meditating and reading books to cope with the grave circumstances. She also became a member of the International Association of Women, which gave her with a great deal of encouragement and drive.

Memme slowly but steadily recovered after that. She is now the host of Life Masters, a video/podcast show on iTunes and YouTube that tells and discusses real-life success and persistence tales. She was also cast in the revived version of the hit home design show Sell This House as a DIY expert.

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Her Current Boyfriend Helped during Tough Times

Her current partner, O.T., who treats her like a queen, is accompanying the Life Masters founder on her new adventure. In March 2018, the two met through April Beyer, a dating and relationship guru.

Memme’s troughs have been lifted thanks to a man named O.T., who stood at her side during the most trying times, according to her.

When it comes to O.T., served in the army for many years at a young age. The DIY expert also disclosed that her lover was “stationed in Germany and prepared for war, in all altitudes and weather” in one of her Instagram photos.

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