Singer Kehlani Talks About her Implants and Surgery Openly – Here’s What She Had To Say!

Many Hollywood stars have had plastic surgery, and although some try to hide it at all costs, others are happy of their transformation and embrace it. They’ve discussed how their operations benefitted them with everything from self-esteem to pain relief.

Kehlani, an R&B artist, recently spoke up about her journey to self-love and how her perception of beauty has shifted since undergoing breast implants.

Kehlani’s Breast Implant Experience

The singer opened out about her experience obtaining and removing breast implants in an interview with Byrdie. After being harassed after a video of her performance went viral, she decided to undergo breast implants, she said. Instead of giving love and support for the artist, many insulted her figure, calling her “horribly built.”

She, on the other hand, began to have health issues after the surgery. She said she had “chronic weariness, cognitive fog, terrible joint pain, restless leg syndrome, and new allergies,” among other things. Her doctor suspected that the symptoms were caused by an immunological disorder known as breast implant sickness.

The singer eventually had her implants removed, and the ordeal taught her that her body was not designed to be altered in the manner she thought it might be. So these days, Kehlani is more concerned about feeling good about herself and not taking her natural figure for granted. In the end, she wants to feel beautiful and confident without being weighted down by outsiders’ judgments and scrutiny.

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I always felt as if I was on the lookout for ‘beautiful,’ rather than basking in it. When I’m at my most naked and relaxed, I feel the most sexy and attractive. Clean hair, excellent candles, and applying oil after a shower are all things that make me feel sexy. She went on to say that it was all about looking after oneself. That’s when she started to feel fantastic.

Kehlani Refuses to Have Facial Surgery

While the singer has been vocal about her breast implants, she hasn’t had any work done on her face. For the singer demonstrated some self-love on Instagram by posting lovely selfies appearing healthier and happier than ever, internet trolls came after her, accusing her of obtaining facial surgery.

Haters felt she looked different because she had undergone plastic surgery. Kehlani was having none of it and rushed to Twitter to bash the negativity and claims that she had plastic surgery. She replied that she had never had any facial surgery and had no plans to do so in the future.

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She went on to add that she appeared different since she was in good health. The singer elaborated on her reasons, saying that she was less stressed because she was not well-rested on tour. She had also taken out all of her piercings and was taking care of her skin. Her fans expressed their admiration for her in the comment sections.

They repeatedly expressed their admiration for her, with one user even saying, “Let ’em know!” When you’re healthy from the inside out, you literally shift and change. “Stay the course, sis, self-care is the best care,” the singer was tagged with. Her remarks surfaced after she announced she was taking a hiatus.

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