Craig Gottlieb Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Craig Gottlieb, an American antique dealer, is a reality television star best known for his appearances on the History television show Pawn Stars, among other things. Pawn Stars is one of the History Channel’s most popular shows. He rose to become one of the world’s foremost dealers in valuable collectibles and an expert in antique militaria investing.

Craig Gottlieb: Bio, Age, Nationality

Craig was born in 1971 in Florida to parents who were Russian immigrants. Craig was born to a Jewish father and a Protestant mother. However, after marrying, she converted to Judaism. Craig observed major Jewish holidays as a child, despite the fact that his family was not religious.

He earned a prestigious B.A. with a major in Philosophy from Cornell University. After finishing his studies, he joined the marine corps, where he served for 12 years and rose to the rank of Major.

Craig Gottlieb: Family, Son

In contrast to his professional life, his personal life is kept private. He is a private person who prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye.

Craig, on the other hand, is married to the light. He and his wife have a seven-year-old son. He resigned from his military career to devote more time to his wife, Denise Cable, and his son. His wife works for Ocean Enterprises Dive Team as a PADI Course Director.

Aside from that, his wedding and wife details have yet to be revealed. Though the details are sparse, they are sufficient to demonstrate that Craig is not gay. He comes from a good family, with a loving wife and a cute son.

Military Service

Craig founded the nation’s top dealership, Craig Gottlieb Militaria, after retiring from the Marine Corps in 2001. He discovered important military artifacts and became well-known for his archeological abilities. The most notable are the discovery of Adolf Hitler’s desk, Benito’s cap, and Hitler’s painting of his father and mother. He made his money by selling antiques.

Later, he appeared on the reality television show Pawn Stars, where he rose to prominence as a gun expert. He talked about classic guns that were used in the infamous Hatfield-McCoy war. He has also appeared as an expert in military weapons in episodes of Auction Hunters.

He is a seasoned author now, at the age of 47, and has written books on history and archeology. History’s Jackpot: Investing in Antiques and Collectibles,” “Weird Guns,” “SS Totenkopf: From Munich to Nurnberg,” and “Gau District Badges of Hitler’s Germany” are among his books.

With multiple top jobs, he undoubtedly has a sizable net worth. He also makes an average of $15 per hour as an Antique Dealer.

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