Shazia Mirza Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality, Dating

Shazia Mirza is a well-known English comedian known for her deadpan delivery and sharp one-liners. Her most recent shows include The Kardashians Made Me Do It, which became extremely popular in 2016.

Apart from her professional life, her personal life has piqued everyone’s interest because she is a popular stand-up comedian, actress, and writer of Pakistani descent.

Is Shazia Mirza Married?

Shazia’s parents wanted her to marry when she was 20, but she is now 39 and still unmarried.

She is not the type of woman who would wear a burka, marry, and have children. Even though she is still unmarried, she finds some Muslim men attractive, even going so far as to describe them as hairy and macho.

When The Guardian magazine asked her what qualities she looks for in a man or a partner. In response, she stated that she grew up admiring James Bond and Simon Cowell and assumed that all men had to be as exciting and intelligent as them. She also stated that she had little experience with men.

Furthermore, on 3 August 2008, she told The Guardian about a specific type of man she likes; she said she likes gay men because they are wonderful and lovely in comparison to all the poor ugly straights.

Biography, Age, Nationality, Parents

She was born on October 3, 1979, in Birmingham, West Midlands, England, and is currently 38 years old. Her parents immigrated to the United Kingdom from Pakistan in the 1960s and settled in Birmingham, England.

She also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Goldsmiths, University of London, in addition to her Biochemistry degree. She is a successful woman who makes a living by doing comedy tours and writing.

Shania was also the 2002 winner of The London Comedy Festival and Hackney Empire New Act of the Year, according to wiki.

Despite being born into a Muslim family in the United Kingdom, her parents expected her to settle down with a job and a good husband, but Shazia Mirza chose a different path. She became a stand-up comedian and achieved great success.

Shazia Mirza became a secondary Science teacher after studying Biochemistry in college. However, she wished to pursue other interests in life, such as acting and comedy. Shazia took comedy writing classes in the evenings while studying. She had also studied acting at Rose Bruford College.

Her stand-up career really started to gain prominence when she cracked a joke at the start of acts soon after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and said ‘My name is Shazia Mirza – at least, that is what it says on my pilot’s license’. She was referring to the men who hijacked four passenger planes before intentionally crashing them in 2001.

Apart from comedy, Mirza is a regular contributor to a number of newspapers and magazines. She is a prolific writer who has contributed regularly to The Guardian since 2008. She began writing a fortnightly column in the New Statesman magazine in 2006, for which she was named Columnist of the Year 2008 at the prestigious PPA Awards.

She has also appeared on television shows such as The Jonathan Ross Show, Loose Women, and Have I Got News For You.

When she made the joke on TV about ISIS terrorists, she received a barrage of negative comments on social media, but many people got it and said they would gladly buy a ticket to her show.

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