Read About TikTok Star Charlie Blythe’s Confession About Her Own Parents!

The TikTok phenomenon Charlie Blythe rose to fame after making an open confession about her privileged childhood and her parents’ “real wealthy person conduct.”

Her TikTok confession video has had over 16 million views since it was posted on December 3, 2020. The exposure also aided her in gaining a large following on her public social media accounts. Charlie Blythe has over 173 thousand TikTok followers and over 3200 Instagram followers.

Blythe had a long life constantly Fearful of Being Kidnapped

Blythe took to TikTok to react to a question posed by another TikTok user: “What is the most ridiculous true rich person behavior that you’ve witnessed?”

The famous TikTok actress told out about her upbringing, which was full of luxury, drama, terror, and mystery, in her response.

Blythe explained that her family’s home was so large that she had to use the intercom system to inform her father that dinner was ready. So here’s the twist: formerly, the supper consisted of three-course meals prepared by a private chef. At one point, her family’s home employed at least seven people, including security guards.

Despite the high security, she said that her mother was always worried that the employees might plot to take Blythe.
I couldn’t use my last name on social media because I was afraid that somebody would follow me and kidnap me.

As a result, whenever she needed something from the grocery store, all she had to do was jot down a list in a notebook in the kitchen. Her belongings would arrive the next day.

Blythe also described a time when her father was unable to repeat a 30-minute commercial trip from Nantucket to Boston.

“One time, we took a 30-minute commercial flight from Boston to Nantucket, and my father despised commercial aviation so much that, despite state police officers assisting us, he had a private plane meet us in Nantucket to return us to Boston,” she explained.

Charlie Blythe hasn’t revealed who her parents are

Blythe elected not to expose her parents’ identities in public, despite sharing her experiences of living with them and their luxurious lifestyles.

She did, however, reveal that her parents split before she reached 18 years old. She joked that her parent’s divorce made her life difficult because she couldn’t keep track of her underwear in the four residences she had to live in.

“My parents’ divorce hit the news, with people labeling my mother a gold digger and men anxiously down the years until I turned 18,” Blythe continued.

She changed her name and turned off the comments

Many internet users were compelled to learn more about her parents, heritage, and personal life after seeing her confession video.

She later stated in a subsequent video that some people in the comments had gotten the facts correct. As a result, Blythe had to disable comments on her initial video in order to protect her family’s privacy.

She also stated on social media on December 13, 2020, that she had changed her name. She used to go under the stage name Ansonia.

She’s also a songwriter and singer

Blythe is an aspiring musician and a cat lover, according to her Instagram account. She released a song called “Toothache” in May 2020, which she wrote, composed, produced, and sang all by herself.

“Charlie Blythe Henry,” according to the YouTube video’s caption.

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