Nathan Schwandt Has Separated With Jeffree Star – His New Girlfriend Has Labelled Him ‘the Best Boyfriend Ever’!

After parting up with singer-songwriter Jeffree Star, Nathan Schwandt has discovered new love. The social media sensation is rumored to be dating Dominique, a model and top OnlyFans performer who goes by “Darn it Domi” online.

‘The Best Boyfriend Ever,’ says Schwandt’s girlfriend

After the breakup of Schwandt and Star’s relationship, Nathan Schwandt and his new girlfriend Dominique, who has over 200,000 Instagram followers, reportedly began dating in early 2020.

They have made their love lives public on social media, despite not commenting on their relationship in the mainstream media. The posts and photos, most of which were provided by Dominique, clearly show the honest chemistry.

Dominique most recently turned to Twitter on May 2, 2021, to express her gratitude for Schwandt, sending a few of photos of him with their puppy. He’s “the best boyfriend ever,” she said, and he makes her feel like the most beautiful girl on the planet.

Some followers were eager to remark on the post, expressing their admiration for the couple. “It’s great to see Nate so happy… Your dog is very cute “a fan wrote on Twitter.

“Nice, congratulations,” said another. Similarly, on April 27, 2021, the 25-year-old diva shared a photo of the couple on Twitter, adding, “It’s impossible to sleep without you.”

Nathan Schwandt’s girlfriend’s name is Dominique

Schwandt has yet to post anything about his Austin, Texas-based fiancée on Instagram or Twitter, where he is less active.

Separated from Jeffree Star, Schwandt’s rise to prominence was fueled in part by his connection with Star, a transgender pop singer and fashion designer.

Star came out as gay when he was in the fifth grade. He now refers to himself as androgynous when it comes to his gender. In 2015, the former couple met on Instagram for the first time. On March 20, 2016, the couple disclosed during their first Q&A session on Star’s YouTube channel that Schwandt was the one who first messaged the makeup artist on Instagram.

Star invited the Michigan-based artist to meet her in Los Angeles a few months later, and the two finally began dating.

Many followers were disappointed by the news, knowing that Schwandt had solely dated women before dating the popular YouTuber. As a result, many people speculated that he was utilizing Star to climb the corporate ladder.
After five years together, the two handled their relationship well until they divorced in January 2020.

On January 11, 2020, Star revealed the breakup in a YouTube video. “I will always have affection for him,” he said emotionally in the video.

“Do we have feelings for each other? No. But we are in love, and he will always be a part of my life “Added he.

Biographical Sketch of Schwandt

Schwandt was born in Michigan, United States, on August 18, 1993. In addition, the Instagram sensation has two siblings. His younger brother Zachary Taylor Schwandt, who has over 200 thousand Instagram followers, is one of his siblings.

On August 19, 2019, Zachary wished his big brother a happy birthday on Instagram, writing, “Happy birthday to the big bro bro…Fam always sticking close by.”

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