Noah Urrea Bio, Age, Parents, Height, Nationality, Net Worth, Instagram, Weight

Noah Urrea, who is still young but has already made an indelible mark in the entertainment world, made his debut as a performer in the music video Honey Bee in 2011.

After a few years, he made his big-screen debut in Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas, where he demonstrated both his singing and acting abilities. Noah won the ‘Best Young Actor Award’ at the Action on Film International Film Festival in 2014 for his outstanding performance as ‘James’ in the short film Eleven.

Aside from the fantastic experience of working in movies and TV shows, the actor, singer, and dancer frequently gets to show off his love of music.

He has previously collaborated with top producers, writing and recording original songs. Many in the industry say he’s the next Justin Bieber, or perhaps the first “Bieber meets Timberlake.”

Noah Urrea’s Bio: Age, Parents

After more than 26 years of ‘I Do’s,’ Noah’s parents are still going strong, as strong as their first year, if not stronger. Noah’s father, Marco Urrea, and mother, Wendy Urrea, undoubtedly instilled the same loving vibes in their children.

Keeping up with the times, the Urreas have taken to social media. Noah’s father, Marco Urrea, and mother, Wendy Urrea, frequently brag about their children on their social media pages. In terms of the family, it appears that the multi-talent genes run in the family.

Linsey Urrea, Noah’s (18) sister, is a singer and songwriter who leads the Nashville-based band Goodie Bag. Nico Urrea, Noah’s brother, is another family member.

On May 29, 2018, Noah Urrea was photographed with his sister, Linsey Urrea, and brother, Nico Urrea (Photo: Wendy Urrea’s Instagram).

The look-alike siblings have an incredible bond and make it a point to prioritize one another above all else.

Noah Urrea: Relationship Status, Is He Gay?

Music is life, and so is acting, according to the young actor, and he would do whatever it takes to stay one step ahead.

In the midst of carving out a niche for himself, he would never let go of a script, especially one that he believes has the potential to propel his career to the next level.

As a result, he landed on the film A Wake, which required him to play a gay character.

Noah, who stands 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) tall, played the part flawlessly because he was a professional and trusted his instincts.

Perhaps this is why some of his fans were curious about his sexuality when he was not in the spotlight.

However, there is evidence of him stating unequivocally that he is not gay, clearly in one of his tweets.

Relationship Status: Single?

Noah, who appears to be a romantic, has yet to reveal his relationship status. He has a lot of girlfriends, mostly from his band, with whom he has a great relationship. On April 7, 2015, Noah Urrea tweets about relationships (Photo: Noah Urrea’s Twitter).

Noah may not have had a recent romantic affair, but he certainly appears to have had one in the past. His relationship tweets from 2015 only hint in that direction.

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