NBA’s Height Listings Are for Fans And Does Not Impact the Players According to Steph Curry!

Stephen “Steph” Curry claims the NBA’s Height Listings have little effect on players and are intended for fans who care about such information.

NBA players have been the subject of several rumors about their ages and heights. The NBA made it mandatory for all teams to have correct ages and heights for players on their rosters in order to put an end to these rumors.

Steph Curry’s Thoughts on the NBA’s Height Listings

Curry revealed his height to Anthony Slater of The Athletic in an interview. He is 6’2′′ and 3-quarters without shoes. He joked that he wouldn’t play basketball without his shoes on.

In October of this year, Slater took to Twitter to share the information with NBA fans, to whom these details are extremely important. At least, that’s how Curry sees it. Coaches and players are fine-tuning their techniques as the league adopts a stricter approach.

The basketball ace said regardless of where Kevin Durant (a.k.a. KD) was at the moment, he surely isn’t worried about not being 6 foot 9 inches tall anymore. Curry said that the fans were more concerned than the players about such information.

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steph curry and kevin durant
Source: CGTN

Curry was not on the list of players who had been replaced at the time. The league’s latest height ranking, he said, is yet another topic to discuss.

Curry set records during his interview with Slater, despite not being on the aforementioned list. He joked in an interview with 95.7 The Game in October 2019 that he had to grow his hair out to get around the NBA’s new height regulation.

The Impact of The New Rule On Draymond and Curry

Curry and Green were more worried with their heights than about winning the game. After a problem with Buddy Hield’s age surfaced, the NBA decided to make sure that all of their players’ measurements and ages were right.

Marc Stein of the New York Times reported at the time that the NBA had implemented a new rule requiring every team to check each player’s height and age during training camp. This news arrived just as the NBA season was about to begin, with the Warriors hosting the resurrected Los Angeles Clippers on October 24, 2019.

steph curry and draymond green
Source: ESPN

Most players have previously been asked how tall they are, or their team has simply listed their weight and height unofficially for many years without reviewing it. When the new rule was introduced, Curry, Green, and a few others were taken aback.

Steph Curry, who has been chastised for his lack of height, joked that he had no choice but to squeeze out as many inches as possible. Curry, who weighs 190 pounds, is more strong than most people believe.

According to Sports Casting, he can deadlift 400 pounds with ease. Curry, according to Human Performance Consultant Keke Lyles, is the team’s second-best player.

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