All You Need To Know About Gloria Govan’s Son With Ex-Husband Matt Barnes – Carter Kelly Barnes!

Carter Kelly Barnes

Carter Kelly Barnes, the son of Gloria Govan and his twin brother Isaiah Michael Barnes, was born on November 6, 2008, alongside his twin brother Isaiah Michael Barnes. 

Carter weighed 5 pounds and 6 ounces at the time of his delivery.  Gloria and her ex-husband Matt Barnes had twins. Isaiah, Carter’s older twin brother, is five minutes younger than him. 

Carter has no siblings other than his twin brother. Anansa Sims, his father’s fiancée and Matt Barnes’ partner, is now pregnant, therefore he could soon have a new younger half-sibling. 

Gloria Carter, Carter’s mother, gets engaged to Derek Fisher, her sweetheart.

Social Media Star

Carter Kelly Barnes, Gloria Govan’s son and a social media star, has an Instagram account called “thecarterbarnes” that has over 2000 followers as of November 2018. 

The account has yet to make a post.  However, he and his older twin brother, Isaiah Michael Barnes, have a combined Instagram account called “thebarnesboys,” which has over 29.4K followers. 

His mother, Gloria Govan, manages the account at first, but we believe that once he and his brother are old enough, they will be able to manage it independently. 

Carter Kelly Barnes and Isaiah Michael Barnes, Gloria Govan’s kids, are featured prominently in the account.  And it appears that Carter and Isaiah are having a great time. Carter enjoys going to the beach with his older brother Isaiah, attending soccer games, playing basketball, golfing, and a variety of other hobbies. 

Carter and Isaiah, like any other twin brother or sister, want to dress alike. Carter and Gloria Govan are Gloria’s sons. 

Isaiah Michael Barnes and Kelly Barnes

Carter Kelly Barnes and his older brother Isaiah Michael Barnes with his mother Gloria Govan. Despite their divorce, Carter Kelly Barnes’ parents, Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes, get along well and co-parent their children to ensure that they have a happy childhood. 

Matt and Gloria, on the other hand, have had their disagreements in the past. Kelly Barnes and Isaiah Michael Barnes with Matt Barnes, Kelly’s ex-husband.

Clothing Collection

Gloria Govan and Christopher Heller have launched a clothing line called Kelly Michael, which is a combination of Gloria Govan’s twin children’s middle names.  T-shirts, bombers, coats, and accessories are just some of the items available from the brand.

As a result, we can say that Gloria Govan’s son Carter Kelly Barnes is a model in his own right. Carter Kelly Barnes is the younger twin brother of Isaiah Michael Barnes and Gloria Govan Carter Kelly Barnes. 

Name Meanings

Carter is an English, Scottish, and Irish surname.  It is the moniker given to someone who transports products using a cart.

Kelly is an ancient Irish name that means ‘bright-headed.’

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