MsDirtyBird Who Lied About Having Cancer Has Been Caught Lying in Apology after Being Exposed by SwornRl!

Is there any limit to how far someone will go to obtain their 15 minutes of fame? It’s fake brain and lung cancer for Twitch streamer MsDirtyBird. Unfortunately for her, her lies were uncovered by other Twitch streamers.

SwornRL, a Twitch streamer and former MsDirtyBird fan, compiled a timeline of events leading up to the streamer’s most recent apology on TwitLonger.

He took this action when MsDirtyBird claimed that SwornRL harassed her by creating a phony profile called @MsDirtyBirdShouldDie.

Fake and Real Apologies from MsDirtyBird

MsDirtyBird issued an apology in a video after her lies were exposed. When it was uncovered that she was mimicking the TV show Cyberbully, her initial apologies was flatly rejected.

Another Twitch Streamer, Maximus Aemulus, uncovered this fraud. He drew parallels between MsDirtyBird’s apologies and that of Cyberbully. The video was shortly taken down from the internet. In the days leading up to her second big apology, MsDirtyBird shared a slew of screenshots exposing the hate messages she’d been receiving. (Cialis)

Following that, she posted a photo of herself wearing a hospital wristband and a statement assuring her fans that she was “getting help” and would not be returning for a while.

MsDirtyBird then posted a second apologetic video to her Twitter account, clarifying that she would not be following a script this time. She also admitted that what she did was inappropriate and should never have happened.

She also stated that she will be taking a “about 6 months to a year” break from streaming and social media. MsDirtyBird also thanked her supporters for listening to her apologies and promised to continue seeking help. However, she appears to have lied once more, since she is now streaming and producing video. She has kept her Twitter account private for the time being.

MsDirtyBird Lied About Having Cancer for Fame

After informing her supporters that she had been diagnosed with brain and metastatic lung cancer, MsDirtyBird launched a series of lies in January 2021. She informed her fans that she was having brain surgery and a lung transplant.

She then continued to deceive people in Trihouse’s discord general chat by giving them fake information regarding her hospital visit. She eventually concocted an entire story and chain of events in order to elicit compassion and attention from the public. She pretended to have had surgery and was awaiting more in order to cure her cancer. She even admitted that she might not make it through her procedures, but she worked with the doctors to recover.

MsDirtyBird also took advantage of her fans by soliciting funds for her disease. They didn’t believe her until her sister, Flamango0420, went live on Twitch to talk about her brain cancer.

MsDirtyBird Lies
Source: Youtube

Flamango0420 charged her sister with lying about her cancer diagnosis. Flamango0420 did not trust MsDirtyBird’s cancer story since she claimed MsDirtyBird had not told her family about it. Furthermore, she stated that MsDirtyBird’s only operation was for her foot and nothing else. Flamango0420 was devastated, and she couldn’t believe her sister would go to such lengths to deceive her audience by feigning cancer.

If sister continued to talk about her cancer, MsDirtyBird threatened to ban her and expel her from her community. MsDirtyBird, on the other hand, has admitted to lying about her cancer, according to SwornRL.

He sent a Google Drive link to a 7-minute video in which MsDirtyBird lied about having the condition and showed no remorse. She also said, without guilt, that she had stopped lying about it and was seeking assistance.

Her Lies Did Not End There

MsDirtyBird’s deception of her fans did not end with her having cancer. She had concocted a network of lies, including about her education and employment. MsDirtyBird lied about her qualifications, claiming to hold a Computer Science degree when she hadn’t finished high school. She claims to have worked at a police station as well.

She made up stories about how she used to “work” at a police station, where she would arrest nasty men, perverts, and other undesirables.

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