Moses Hacmon: Ex Daphney Claims Paytas Announced Pregnancy

On February 14, 2022, Trisha Paytas announced her pregnancy. They shared photos of themselves with their baby’s ultrasound alongside their husband, Moses Moses Hacmon.

The couple of Moses Hacmon is expecting their first child and couldn’t wait to tell everyone. Unfortunately, many people did not share their sentiments.

Paytas were trending on every platform after the announcement. Many influencers also congratulated them on their pregnancy.

However, many people were concerned about Paytas and Hacmon’s unborn child. Daphney, also known as @ms.mercury and @penguinosidehustle, is Hacmon’s ex.

She brought up her unfortunate incident with Moses Hacmon, who raped her, to her fans and followers.

Ex Daphney of Moses Hacmon’s Instagram Stories

Daphney took to Instagram stories a few hours after Paytas revealed their pregnancy to slam her ex and the YouTuber. She expressed her disappointment on her second Instagram account, @penguinosidehustle.

She reminded her followers that Moses Hacmonand his wife announced their pregnancy on the same day he raped her. Moses Hacmonwas in hot water in 2021 after being accused of rape by his ex-partners.

Daphney was the one who made the most of it. In September 2021, she went into detail on Instagram live about how Hacmon took advantage of her.

On February 14, 2019, the couple met and had two intimate encounters. Daphney was serious about their relationship, but Hacmon saw it as nothing more than a hookup.

When they first became intimate, it was consensual. Daphney was fine with Hacmon wearing protection at the time.

However, she later witnessed him stealing, which she did not approve of. Daphney then accused her ex of rape.

She also encouraged people to report him and have him arrested. Stealing was not illegal back then, but it is now a civil offense in California.

Moses Hacmon responded to allegations of stealing and rape by claiming he did nothing of the sort. People believed in Daphney, including Hacmon’s sister and brother-in-law Hila and Ethan Klein.

Daphney also revealed Hacmon’s desire to leave Paytas after their child was born. According to reports, Hacmon texted Daphney that he would leave his fiancĂ©e after the birth of their child.

He also stated that he was doing so to collect child support. There have been no updates from Hacmon and Paytas in this regard.

Regardless, Daphney is still vocal about the situation and wants her ex to take responsibility.

Daphney wrote about Moses Hacmon and his actions on her Instagram Stories following Paytas’ pregnancy announcement. She also called him a “monster unfit for society.”

Similarly, Daphney wished the couple’s child was a boy. Hacmon and Paytas have yet to respond to Daphney’s remarks.