Pastor Keion Henderson and His Wife Went Through A Divorce?

We’ll go into the specifics of Keion Henderson’s marriage, including how he and his wife collaborated and how they eventually divorced.

Keion Henderson is a well-known pastor who is known for his ageless wisdom and advice, notably on dating, marriage, and cohabitation. Despite his reputation as a love expert, the pastor was unable to keep his own marriage together.

Keion Henderson and Felicia Worked Together in Projects Related to Faith

Lady Felicia was not only Keion’s romantic companion, but she was also his professional partner. They collaborated at the Lighthouse Church and developed various projects together, including the Sugarland Campus.

Keion told Chron in September 2019 that an African prophet had dreamed about Keion and his wife ministering in Sugarland, which came true when the two of them co-founded a Lighthouse Church branch.

Keion also mentioned in the same interview that he and his wife co-led a church in Houston, Texas.

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Keion Henderson And Felicia’s Divorce In 2019

Despite the fact that their personal and professional bond appeared to be quite strong, their marriage ended in 2019 when he purportedly filed for divorce.

Larry Reid, a vlogger, obtained their court records and posted them on his Patreon account for all to see, confirming that the pastor had filed for divorce.

Keion Henderson Wife
Source: Frw

Reid also claimed in a video that before the divorce was finalized, Keion indicated his marriage was “going through adjustments.” Later, in an interview with BlessedBeatz Media, the Pastor acknowledged the divorce.

The Divorce Was a Positive Change Despite Being Tough

The pastor’s divorce must have been difficult. He was pushing others to accept love, but he was breaking down himself. In an interview with BlessedBeatz, he said that as a megachurch pastor, he needs to learn how to boldly walk through that season of separation.

People found his words of wisdom straightforward and relative because he had experienced his fair share of life’s ups and downs. His life experiences have taught him how to see beyond the difficulties of one’s current situation and see the wider picture.

Similarly, the preacher emphasizes transitional periods between difficult and better times in his book ‘The Shift.’ The book features a chapter dedicated to divorce and its events, with the major theme being shifted that occur all around you every day.

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