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Mia Kirshner, 44, is a Canadian actress, writer, and social activist best known for her role as ‘Jenny Schecter’ in Showtime’s cable television series The L Word.

She played the main character on the show for all six seasons, from 2004 to 2009. Allyson is also well-known for her recurring role as assassin ‘Mandy’ in the TV drama 24.

Her film debut came much later, in 1993′ Denys Arcand’s Love and Human Remains, after she began her acting career in 1989 in one of the episodes of the second season of War of the World’s Loving the Alien.

Mia Kirshner: Net Worth

After much anticipation, the long-awaited reboot of The L Word- L Word: Generation- has announced a December 8th release date.

With this development, fans and followers of the show are wondering if they will see more of the original cast, including Mia. However, no confirmation has been issued.

In addition, the actress from The Black Dahlia appeared in Nicholas Jarecki’s dramatic thriller Dreamland. She will appear in the upcoming film alongside famous names such as Luke Evans, Tony winner Michael Aronov, and Martin Donovan.

Despite having a long list of cinematography credits to her name, Mia has yet to reveal her net worth.

Mia Kirshner Has A Boyfriend Or Is She Gay/Lesbian?

Mia, who stands 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 meters) tall, has had her fair share of romantic history. According to her reported life stories, at least.

She has been linked with people in the industry on several occasions.

Mike Bender, the scriptwriter for Mia’s romantic comedy film Not Another Teen Movie, Stephen Hopkins, the director and producer whom Mia met on the set of 24, and Scott Bairstow, her co-star in The L Word, are just a few of the people she has worked with.

Among her many romantic relationships, the one with actor Sam Shepard received a lot of media and public attention.

During 2014 and 2015, the tabloids covered them. The couple was thought to have grown closer while working on the TV show Bloodlines together.

However, little was known about what happened after that. Mia’s then-boyfriend, thirty years her senior, died in the middle of 2017 after being diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

How She Handles Gay / Lesbian Rumors

Mia, who was born in Toronto, Ontario to teachers Etti Kirshner and Sheldon Kirshner, was ranked #43 on the Maxim Hot 100 Women of 2002.

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Fans of the stunning woman, who is now well into her forties, never tire of wishing for her to marry the love of her life.

Whatever the case may be, nothing is known about her current partner. Her social media accounts appear to be silent on the subject. It just goes to show how much she adores her dog, Rainbow.

This could be because she is constantly asked if she is gay or a lesbian, or because her trademark in her line of work is the unsympathetic yet attractively sinister lesbian she frequently portrays on screen.

And when asked to speak on the subject of sexuality, she had the following to say-

I don’t mind if people assume I’m gay. Gender has no bearing on me. It is a person’s brain that is important. What I am certain of is that there is no shame in being gay. Love has no concept of gender.

Mia was even nominated for Best Kiss for the kiss she shared with her female co-star in Not Another Teen Movie, putting an end to all the rumors. Whatever the case may be, it is her life, and she should be the one to decide how she wants to live it.

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