Mia Hamm 63 Famous Quotes

Mia Hamm is a retired American soccer player who played for the United States women’s national team for seventeen years. She is the winner of the Women’s World Cup in 1991 and 1999. Mia Hamm, on the other hand, won two Olympic gold medals in 1996 and 2004.

She is also regarded as one of the best female soccer players in history. She breaks the record for most international goals scored, but American Abby Wambach broke it in 2013. Here are some Mia Hamm quotes to get you inspired.

“Learn to distinguish between what is genuinely vital and what may be dealt with later.”

“Golf is a social sport.”
It brings a large number of individuals together.”

“You are worth investing in yourself and who you believe you can and want to be.”

“Celebrate your accomplishments, but lift the bar higher each time you achieve.”

“True champions aren’t necessarily the ones that win; they’re the ones who have the most guts.”

“Pay attention to what you know you can do.
Know what you’re capable of and what you can rely on on any given day.
Do the basics well, and then utilize your confidence to improve the rest of your game.
Learn to tell the difference between what is genuinely vital and what can wait.”

“A champion’s vision is bent down, saturated in sweat, exhausted, when no one else is looking.”

“I’ve worked too hard and for too long to allow anything get in the way of my ambitions.”
I will not fail my comrades, nor will I fail myself.”

“Behind the athlete you’ve become, the hours of practice, and the coaches who have pushed you, there’s a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back…
“Perform for her.”

“I’m constructing a fire, and every day I train, I add more gasoline.”
I strike the match at just the appropriate moment.”

11th of 63 Quotes by Mia Hamm

“My coach claimed I ran like a female; I told him he could too if he could run a little faster.”

“I’m a team player, and I’m no better or worse than any other player on this team.”
That has always been and will continue to be my approach.
It isn’t about me.
It’s never been about me.
This would have been a very lonely voyage if it hadn’t.”

“We play because we enjoy the game, we enjoy one other, and we enjoy winning.”

“Hard work, determination, smart planning, and perseverance are the foundations of success.”

“Good players create chances.”
The great players and individuals seize them.”

“Every day, I get up and commit to become a great player.”
It happens on some days and not on others.
Sure, there will be games where I dominate, and there will be games when I struggle.
But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up.”

“The ultimate champion is the team, not the individual.”

“Success generates success,” they say.

“There are always new, bigger difficulties to face, and a genuine winner embraces them all.”

“No one ever receives an ironclad guarantee of success.
Certainly, elements such as opportunity, luck, and timing play a role.
However, the foundation of success is frequently found in old-fashioned, fundamental notions such as hard effort, determination, good planning, and perseverance.”

“Every day, I wake up and make a commitment to myself to become a better player.”

“If a team physically intimidates you and you let them, they’ve won.”

“Sports can accomplish so much.”
It’s given me self-esteem, confidence, discipline, and motivation.”

“I learned a long time ago that not pressing the trigger is far worse than missing the target.”

“Many people believe I am the best female soccer player in the world.”
No, I don’t believe so.
And as a result, someday I might be.”

“You might get scraped knees and elbows, but a magnificent goal is worth it.”

“I am a team member, and I rely on it, defer to it, and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.”

“Failure occurs all the time.”
It happens all the time in practice.
What matters is how you respond to it.”

“You can’t merely beat a team; you have to leave an indelible mark on their psyche so they never want to see you again.”

“Being a good teammate means sprinting down a ball that everyone believes is out of bounds.”
But you pursue it anyhow, and you succeed.”

“The most critical characteristic a player must possess is mental toughness.”

“Take your triumphs, whatever they are, appreciate them, use them, but don’t be satisfied with them.”

“Soccer isn’t a really social sport.”
Plus, if you don’t like someone on the opposing squad, you have options.”

“I am glad that young girls now have more options and an opportunity to feel better about themselves.”

“It’s harder to stay on top than it is to get there.”

“I could eat chips and salsa every day for dinner.”

“A winner is someone who gets up more than she is knocked down.”

“Sports can accomplish so much.”
They’ve provided me with a framework: meeting new people, developing confidence, self-esteem, discipline, and motivation.
All of these things I learnt through sports, whether I realized it or not.”

“Follow your heart and make the decision for yourself.”

“I play for the tough challenges that the game presents at the higher levels.”
The entire squad appreciates playing exciting soccer for the fans, and my contribution to that makes me proud of myself.
The concept of collaboration is what keeps us all going.
It is my responsibility to create scoring opportunities for my teammates, and coming through for them is incredibly fulfilling.”

“You can’t be a gymnast or a dancer if you have hips.”
That eliminated me.”

“As a player, goals have never defined me.
My impact on the team has defined me.
I’ll do everything it takes to win, whether it’s passing or playing defense.”

“I’m not the type of person who goes around the locker room before a game, trying to motivate my teammates.”
I don’t speak much before a game.
In general, I don’t speak much.
That requires far too much energy.”

“I know I wouldn’t be here, and none of us would be here, if people hadn’t made certain sacrifices and taken certain steps — not just women, but guys stepping up and supporting what we do and how we do it.”

“Awards and world titles are wonderful, but they are not the focus of sports.”
They’re about the bonds we have with one another.”

“I don’t want to sit here and admire all the trophies.”
I don’t want to live in the past; I want to live in the present!”

“I hope all of you young ladies see yourselves up there…
We were exactly like you.”

“I got to experience high-level soccer at an early age, and I determined I wanted to be a part of that for as long as possible.”

“You won’t do what you don’t love with much conviction or enthusiasm.”

“I will not fail my comrades, nor will I fail myself.”

“Sports have grown highly specialized, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be enjoyable.”

“I enjoy watching gymnastics, swimming, and track & field competitions.”

“Whoever says winning isn’t everything has never won anything.”

“In my freshman year of high school, I played basketball and soccer.”

“I dislike stopping.
“I’m a huge guy who looks at the hubs because I dislike changing planes.”

“It isn’t sacrifice if you enjoy what you do.”

“When I was younger, I could eat spaghetti all day and not worry about it, but now I have to focus on setting a good example for my children.”

“I don’t like to play rough, but if I have to, I will.”

“One of my favorite breakfasts is English muffins with avocado.”

“I played soccer since it was what my pals did.”
We also got sodas afterwards.”

“After each game, I want to be able to say, ‘I gave it everything I had, I gave it my all.'”

“A nutritious meal of chicken, brown rice, and vegetables.”
It’s high in whole grains and protein, and it’ll keep you satisfied for a long time.”

“In terms of athleticism, I was given a fantastic gift.”
Perhaps it was because I lacked confidence in other areas.”

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