Meet Tanita Strahan, Michael Strahan’s Daughter With First Wife, Wanda Hutchins

If you watch Good Morning America regularly, you’ve probably heard of Michael Strahan. Yes, we’re referring to the retired NFL great who co-hosts Good Morning America.

We all have a little insight into Michael’s personal life, but little is known about his children. Michael has four adult children, and now we’ll focus on his eldest, Tanita Strahan.

The famous kid is having a happy life, and did you know she’s seeing someone? Let’s look at some more interesting Tanita facts today!

Tanita Strahan: Who Is She? Michael Strahan’s and Wanda Hutchins’s eldest child

Strahan, the eldest, was born in Germany on November 10, 1992. She is currently 29 years old. Tanita is the mixed-race daughter of Michael and his first wife, Wanda Hutchins. She is African-American on her father’s side, and she has German and French ancestors on her mother’s side.

Tanita Strahan had Tanita as an infant with her mother Wanda.

Tanita, by the way, was raised in Germany by her mother and grandparents. Tanita and her mother Wanda relocated to Texas shortly after her birth to live with her father. Tanita returned to Germany with her mother after Michael and Wanda filed for divorce.

Tanita has a biological brother as well as three half-siblings.

Tanita’s lone biological sibling, Michael Strahan Jr., was born on September 12th, 1994. When the little man was born, the Strahan was living in Texas. Michale Jr. was born when his father was 23 and his mother was 21. They were pretty new parents.

Tanita also has two twin sisters, Isabella and Sophia Strahan, who was born in 2004. Michael Muggli, her father, shares them with Jean Muggli, his ex-wife, whom he married in 1999 and divorced in 2006.

Tanita’s mother, Wanda, also has another son, Dorian, who was born on February 19th, 2001.

She gets along well with all of her siblings.

Tanita has a strong kinship with her half-brother and sisters, in addition to her biological brother Michael Jr. They frequently hang out together as a group of five. The Strahan-Hutchins family frequently gathers for celebrations and also travels on adventurous adventures.

Tanita also routinely wishes all of her siblings their various birthdays. Safe to say, their friendship has only deepened over time.

Tanita’s Mother Wanda and Father Michael Strahan’s Marriage

Her parents met in high school and were high school sweethearts. When Michael was 14 and Wanda was 12, they met for the first time. They both attended Mannheim Christian School in Germany.

Since the 1970s, Michael and Wanda’s father served in the United States military and was stationed in Germany. Strahan and Wanda began dating when Strahan was 17 and Wanda was 15.

Michael later relocated to Texas to pursue a career in the NFL. He was a defensive end with the New York Giants after being chosen. Wanda became pregnant with Tanita around the same time. He was unable to attend his daughter’s birth due to his hectic schedule.

Michael and Wanda decided to marry soon after Tanita was born, and they exchanged vows in Denmark in January 1992. Following that, the couple and their infant daughter relocated to Texas. Everything was going swimmingly in their life, and the arrival of Michael Junior only added to their joy.

However, shortly after the birth of their son, Michael and Wanda’s love began to lose its luster. The teenage couples who were completely head over heels for each other were experiencing an existential crisis. This resulted in their divorce in 1996.

Michael had obtained custody of Tanita and her younger brother, but he chose to keep them with their mother in Germany. He claimed in his book Wake Up Happy, as to why took the extreme decision, “They would enjoy an outstanding quality of life in Germany.”

Tanita Strahan, a talented visual artist and podcast host, is Michael Strahan’s daughter.

Her father is one of the most accomplished retired NFL players of all time, and as his daughter, many of us assumed she would follow in his footsteps. However, as it turns out, she took a very another path.

She started interested in art after graduating from high school. This is why, shortly after graduating from her high school in Houston, she enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. In college, she majored in art.

She has since graduated and is currently working as a visual artist in Los Angeles. If you follow Tanita on Instagram, which you should, you will see a lot of images showcasing her exceptional abilities. She also has a website where she showcases some of her original artwork.

In addition to her artistic activities, the star child is a fashion designer. So far, she has created a few female clothing pieces such as pants, shorts, and shirts.

Wait, there’s more in her extensive list of business undertakings. Tanita is also one of the co-hosts of The Infinite Finesse Podcast. She has been releasing podcasts on YouTube since November 2019.

Tanita has a fantastic career life, but what about her personal life? Is she in a relationship?

Tanita Strahan Has A Boyfriend, But Who Is He?

When you’re a celebrity kid, your admirers are also curious about your relationship status. Tanita’s personal life revolves around her long-term relationship with her lover.

Calendar Mincey is his given name. What’s more intriguing is that her boyfriend is an artist as well. It appears that their shared interest sparked the initial spark between the two.

Tanita has not stated when she began dating Calenta, but according to her Instagram account, she began sharing images with him around 2012.

Tanya Strahan Tanita and Her Boyfriend

It wouldn’t be a stretch to claim the couple has been in a committed relationship for a decade. There has been no news of the two being engaged, but we’re sure a wedding is on the way sooner rather than later.

Tanita has several tattoos on her body.

Tattoos are something that the artist enjoys, which is related to her interest. She has tats all over her body, including her back, the left upper chest region, the right forearm, the right hip/thigh, and others.

Her hip/thigh is the most noticeable of all her tattoos. She’s etched a gigantic elephant face on one area, and it’s very stunning.

Tanita Strahan’s net worth is unknown.

Her net worth is estimated to be greater than $100,000. Her artwork and clothing sales provide the majority of her income. She is also a podcast host, which implies she will soon be making a lot of money from it as well.

Apart from that, her dad Michael has a total net worth of $65 million.

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