Meet Sophia Strahan And Isabella Strahan – Michael Strahan’s Twin Daughter And Ex-Wife Jean Muggli

Sophia Strahan And Isabella Strahan Michael Strahan’s twin daughters were born in 2004. Michael and Jean Muggli, his ex-wife, had twins together. The twins’ parents exchanged wedding vows in 1999. However, the former couple’s relationship did not work out, and they divorced in 2006.

Sophia and Isabella are the middle children of their father, Michael. Michael Anthony Strahan Jr., the twin sisters’ older half-brother, and Tanita Strahan, their elder sister, are their younger half-sisters.

Sophia And Isabella Are Comfortable With The Media Limelight

Michael Strahan’s beautiful twin daughters are no strangers to being shot and followed by paparazzi. Sophia and Isabella have been on various talk shows and television programs with their father, including Good Morning America, Slay That Slang, and others. In front of the camera, the two appear to be fairly confident and at ease.

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Sophia Strahan And Isabella Strahan
Caption: Michael Strahan’s daughter Sophia Strahan is an animal lover Source: Instagram

Not only that, but the twins are photogenic as well. The gorgeous twins know how to pose for the camera and look amazing together. Sophia and Isabella like to go to annual and award ceremonies as well. They had also attended the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Award with their father.

The Twin Sisters Are Active On Instagram

Michael Strahan’s twin daughters have social media accounts of their own. As of 2019, Sophia’s Instagram account has 5K followers, while Isabella’s account has around 7K. Based on their Instagram accounts, they appear to be upcoming Instagram models.

Not only that but Jean’s gorgeous twin daughters also have a strong connection to animals. They’re both huge animal lovers who share photos of their horses, dogs, and cats on social media.

Sophia and Isabella have strong ties with well-known Hollywood figures like James Charles and Jimmy Fallon, which extend to their personal lives and interests. Obviously, the twin sisters have a lot of common interests and are very close.

Name Meaning Of Michael Strahan‘s Twin Daughters

Sophia Strahan, Michael Strahan’s twin daughters’ name, is a female given name that meaning “skill or knowledge” in Greek.

Isabella Strahan is a girl’s name that means “pledged to God” in Hebrew.

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