Meet Sanne Hamers, Wyatt Russell Ex-Wife: Where Is She Now?

Sanne Hamers is well-known to many of us as Wyatt Russell’s ex-wife. Her spouse Wyatt is well-known for being the son of famed Hollywood actor Kurt Russell.

Sanne Hamers and Wyatt have been married for a few years. The couple had no children during their relationship. Wyatt married someone after their divorce, but what about Sanne? Has she progressed as well?

Today, we’ll take a deeper look at Sanne Hamers’ life, from her childhood to her professional career, and see what she’s up to nowadays.

Sanne Hamers’s Childhood and Education

Sanne Lotto Hamers was born in Dronten, the Netherlands, in June 1987 and raised in Amsterdam. After spending her formative years in Amsterdam, she relocated to the northern Dutch city of Groningen.

Sanne is Dutch and holds dual citizenship in the United States and the Netherlands. She obtained American citizenship after marrying Wyatt.

She also attended the University of Groningen. She relocated to the United States after graduating.

Her Professional Career

Sanne worked as a stylist around the time she married Wyatt. Even after moving to the United States, she continued to work as a stylist.

When she moved to the United States, her former mother-in-law Goldie Hawn introduced her to Rachel Zoe, a well-known celebrity stylist. Furthermore, she became her former mother-in-personal law’s hairdresser.

What Is Sanne Hamers Up To These Days? She works as a design consultant.

Many people are interested in her current activities because she was a former celebrity husband. In many circumstances, when a celebrity divorces, a lot of money is involved, which directly leads to living a lavish life after the divorce.

Sanne is a design consultant at the moment.

However, it is not the case in this circumstance. She changed occupations following her divorce and is now working as a Design Consultant in California. She works for California Closets, a well-known interior design firm.

Sanne is an expert in the organization. She enjoys making use of every nook and cranny in a room. She states in her bio on CaliforniaClosets,

“I feel that beginning your day in an orderly place decreases stress and helps you to focus on what is most important.”

Sanne also promotes her work on Instagram, where she is known as

Her ex-in-laws husbands are actors.

Wyatt, her ex-husband, is an actor. He began his acting career as a child star. He never took acting seriously because he was more interested in hockey. He began his career as a hockey player and then as an actor.

The outstanding goaltender has played for various professional and amateur hockey clubs, including the Groninger Grizzlies.

He devoted himself entirely to acting after finishing his hockey career. His most well-known works include Overlord, Lodge 49, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Bryan’s father, Kurt Russell, and mother, Goldie Hawn, are well-known actors. While Kurt is well-known for his roles in Tango & Cash, Overboard, and Tombstone, Goldie rose to prominence through her work in Shampoo, The Sugarland Express, and other films.

Sanne had a brother-in-law named Boston Russell in addition to them.

How Did Sanne Hamers and Wyatt Russell’s Relationship Begin and End?

Russel joined the Groninger Grizzlies of the Dutch Ice Hockey League in 2009. Sanne was the first person he met at the Groninger club.

They initially crossed their eyes at a nearby salsa bar. They were drawn to each other as soon as they spotted each other. The couple began dating soon after.

Hamers, Sanne Wyatt Russell Sanne was at an event with her ex-husband, Wyatt.

They dated for a few years before marrying on March 14, 2012. Sanne relocated to California after marrying and began living with her husband in Malibu, California.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not last as long as with Wyatt’s parents. They split up on March 2, 2015, and divorced on October 24, 2017.

Did Sanne Hamers Remarry Following Her Divorce From Wyatt Russell?

Yes, Hamers began a new relationship after her divorce from Wyatt. She is now involved with Joe Young.

We first learned about their romance through Sanne’s social media. Regardless, it’s unclear whether they’re married or not. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain: the couple is having a good time together.

On the same note, her ex-husband Wyatt married actress Meredith Hagner. The couple first met on the set of Folk Hero & Funny Guy. On September 2nd, 2019, they exchanged wedding vows.

Is Sanne’s child related to Wyatt’s?

No, the ex-lovers don’t have any children together. Both of them, though, became parents with their new partners.

Sanne became a mother for the first time on March 2nd, 2021, when she gave birth to a baby boy named Skipper Cassin Young. Similarly, Wyatt and Meredith welcomed a son called Buddy Prine Russell.

Concerning Sanne’s son, she and her spouse have created a separate Instagram account for him. They post memorable images of their child on the account. The pictures are wonderful, and the description only adds to the sweetness.

Sanne Hamers Salary

She is currently employed as a design consultant, and the median annual salary in the United States ranges from $25k to $82k. Given her experience in this industry, we may confidently assume she receives a higher salary.

To summarize, her net worth is believed to be around $500,000. Her ex-husband Wyatt’s net worth is reported to be approximately $2 million.

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