Meet Pip Claflin – Laura Haddock’s Son And Ex-Husband Sam Claflin

Pip Claflin, Laura Haddock’s child with her ex-husband Sam Claflin, was born in 2015. Claflin’s parents, Laura and Sam Claflin married in 2013. Things between the two, however, did not work out, and the ex-couple divorced in 2019. Fortunately, they are still on good terms despite their separation.

Claflin’s mother, Laura Jane Haddock, is an English actress best remembered for her role as Kacie Carter in the film Honest. She’s also appeared in Da Vinci’s Demons, Guardians of the Galaxy: The Inbetweeners Movie, and Transformers: The Last Knight.

Baby Pip Claflin’s Sex Was Kept Secret For Six Months

Pip Claflin’s father and mother are both well-known actresses in Hollywood. Laura and Sam are definitely enjoying their well-deserved moment in the spotlight. This does not, however, indicate that their children are in the same boat. They have a reputation for secrecy, having kept the gender of their first child, Pip, hidden for six months.

Finally, the actor revealed the gender of his five-month-old son, Pip, in 2016. Sam Claflin said in an interview:

“I’m filming so much at the moment, so I think after Me Before You finishes – which is just before Father’s Day – I will have a bit of family time. I always thought that I’d understand. But it’s like another level of love that you’ve never experienced before.”

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Pip Claflin
Caption: Laura Haddock together with her ex-husband decided to keep their baby son, Pip Claflin’s gender private for at least 6 months Source: Getty Images

Parents’ Split And Has A Sibling Sister

Pip Claflin’s father is a romantic film director who has worked on films like Me Before You and Love, Rosie, among others. In August of 2019, Sam, on the other hand, revealed his six-year divorce from his wife on his Instagram account. The actor stated that he and Laura would continue to raise their children together even if they were legally separated. As previously stated, the ex-couple is on good terms and holds each other in high regard. Unfortunately, the ex-couple did not identify the reason for their breakup.

Pip Claflin, born in 2015, and Margot Claflin, born in 2018, are the children of the former couple’s six-year marriage. Pip is probably in primary school at the age of four. He is too young to be aware of his hobbies or talents at her age.

Margot, Pip’s younger sister, was born in 2018, as previously announced. His sibling is also kept out of the spotlight and out of the public eye. Pip’s parents are active on social media, especially Instagram, but they rarely post images of their kids.

Name Meaning: Pip Claflin

The name Pip is a boy’s name that means “horse lover.” It comes from the English language.

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