Phoenix Robert Lachey – Nick Lachey’s Son And Wife Vanessa Minnillo and Facts

Phoenix Robert Lachey On December 24, 2016, Robert Lachey, the son of American artist Nick Lachey, was born. It appeared as if Santa had dropped the gift for Lachey and his wife Vanessa Minnillo when the baby was delivered on Christmas Eve.

Phoenix Robert Lachey is the middle child of three siblings. His older brother, Camden John Lachey, is his older sister, Brooklyn Elisabeth Lachey.

Phoenix Lachey Had A Premature Birth

Phoenix Robert, Nick Lachey’s third child, was born prematurely, and he and his wife Vanessa Minnillo had a rough time with him. When Vanessa Lachey’s water broke in December 2016, she was just 29 weeks pregnant. Vanessa needed emergency surgery in order to give birth to her child.

After a healthy delivery, Nick Lachey’s son Phoenix Lachey had to stay six weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Nick remarked that he had never felt so powerless, as if he couldn’t do anything. Everything came together in the end. Phoenix is now a contented and healthy infant. On Mother’s Day, Vanessa tweeted a photo of her youngest son, emphasizing how lovely he is and how he completes their family.

Nick Lachey’s wife, Vanessa Lachey, occasionally shares adorable videos of her son Phoenix on social media.

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Phoenix Robert Lachey
Caption: The cute Phoenix Robert Lachey with his elder brother Camden John Lachey and elder sister Brooklyn Elisabeth Lachey Source: Vanessa Lachey’s Instagram

Nick Lachey’s Son Phoenix Robert Lachey Is The Youngest

Every parent is incredibly proud of their entire family. However, as the youngest, we’re confident that he is adored by not only Nick and Vanessa, but also his elder brothers Camden and Brooklyn. Nick claims that Phoenix Robert, his youngest child, has a contagious smile.

Robert Lachey’s older brother, Phoenix Camden John Lachey, and Robert Lachey’s older sister, Brooklyn Elisabeth Lachey, are both gorgeous. This snapshot was taken from Vanessa Lachey’s Instagram account.

Some Facts About Phoenix Robert Lachey

  1. Phoenix Robert Lachey’s birth sign is Capricorn.
  2. He was born almost ten weeks earlier than his designated date.
  3. Phoenix has two elder siblings as he is the youngest.

Phoenix Robert Lachey- Name Meaning

The name Phoenix is derived from a fabled Egyptian and Greek bird with the ability to emerge from the ashes.

The name Robert comes from the Germanic name Hrodebert, which means “bright fame.”

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