Meet Magnus Mitchell Handelman and Felix Handelman – Elizabeth Banks’ Kids And Husband Max Handleman

Magnus Mitchell Handelman and Felix Handelman: Elizabeth Banks’ children with husband Max Handelman. Magnus and Felix were both born with the use of a gestational surrogate.

On March 30, 2011, the couple welcomed their first child, Felix. Magnus Mitchell, Elizabeth and Max’s second son, was born in November 2012. Being pregnant caused issues for the couple. As a result, both of their sons were born as a result of surrogacy.

Felix And Magnus Are Miracle Babies

Felix and Magnus, Elizabeth and Max’s sons, are truly a blessing. The couple struggled to conceive a child. As a result, they decided on surrogacy. Regardless, they are ecstatic to have the children and consider themselves fortunate to be parents. Felix and Magnus Mitchell are the most cherished children of Elizabeth and Max Mitchell.

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Magnus Mitchell Handelman and Felix Handelman
Caption: Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman are rarely seen in the public with their kids Source: Sam Sharma

Elizabeth and her husband Max, who plays Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, are hesitant to share photos of their sons with the public. They’re one of those celebrity parents that want to keep their kids’ faces hidden from the camera. Because Felix and Magnus are still young, the couple is making an effort to give them privacy.

Felix and Magnus Banks, the sons of Elizabeth Banks, are having a wonderful time with their parents. She does not spend less time with her children because she is a working mother. Despite her hectic schedule, Elizabeth manages to take her sons on vacation. She posts photos of them, but she makes sure their faces are hidden.

Elizabeth is overjoyed at the prospect of her sons growing up. She is intending to take Felix skydiving for his fifteenth birthday because he is fearless. Well, we hope they have a good time together. Felix had to be counting down the days!

The Meaning of Elizabeth Banks’ Children’s Names Felix Handelman- Felix is a Latin name for a boy. It denotes happiness or good fortune.

Elizabeth Banks’ Children Name Meaning

Magnus Mitchell Handelman is also a Latin word that means “excellent.” Mitchell, on the other hand, is a name derived from terms like michel and mechel, which both indicate huge. Magnus, Elizabeth Banks’ son, takes his mother’s middle name, Mitchell.

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