Meet Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal – Julianna Margulies’ Son And Husband Keith Lieberthal

Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal’s mother Julianna Margulies is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. We don’t need to tell you how good she is as an actress because she’s won more than five awards. She is, nonetheless, a really down-to-earth individual who enjoys treating everyone equally.

Julianna loves to keep her personal life quiet, and she is pretty good at it. Her husband, Keith Lieberthal, married on November 10, 2007. The lovely couple welcomed their baby Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal into the world on January 17, 2008. Julianna keeps her son out of the spotlight and only mentions him once in a while. She does, however, give a few details about her son Kieran on occasion. Let’s take a closer look at Julianna, the actress’s only child.

Mommy’s Little Angel

Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal, Julianna Margulies’ son, is a little angel, according to his mother. She went on to say that the birth of her son Kieran was the best thing that had ever occurred to her, except for marrying her husband. Dr. Kenneth Lieberthal, little Kieran’s grandfather, told PEOPLE that his grandson is more gorgeous than any newborn he has ever seen.

Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal
Caption: Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal With His Parents Source: Pinterest

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Julianna also mentioned that if she had to choose a religion, it would be gratitude, which she hopes to inculcate in her child. When Kieran was smaller, she used to read cookbooks to him, and now he helps her in the kitchen as well. Julianna Margulies’ son, Kieran Margulies, is an excellent eater who appreciates eating healthful foods. Kieran eats brown rice, chickpeas, carrots, and broccoli, unlike his friends. Julianna considers herself extremely lucky to have had her son and cannot imagine having another. She is worried that she will have a spoiled brat as a child. As a result, she maintains that she is happy with one and that she cannot risk getting a whiny one.

Occasionally Seen With Mom Julianna

Julianna Margulies’ son, Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal, was kept a secret until his grandparents made the announcement. Julianna’s mother, Francesca Margulies, was apprehensive to speak about her new grandchild. When PEOPLE confronted her, she told her not to open her mouth because she would be in trouble with her daughter if she did. Julianna’s actions indicate that she is a possessive mother. She hasn’t even posted any pictures of her son on social media. On the other side, Julianna’s son was recognized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Julianna was accompanied to the Hollywood Walk of Fame by her husband and children. Julianna seemed thrilled to have her husband at her side at such a happy occasion. Julianna’s spouse, Keith, is a Harvard Law School graduate and practicing attorney.

Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal Name Meaning

Julianna Margulies’ son, Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal, is the Irish form of the Gaelic Ciarán, which means “little dark one.” Lindsay, on the other hand, is a Scottish surname meaning “a lake, a linden tree grove.”

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