Meet Iset Jua-T Snipes – Wesley Snipes’ Daughter And Wife Nakyung Park

Iset Jua-T Snipes’s father Wesley Snipes’  is a well-known American actor best recognized for his action films, which typically feature his martial arts skills. Wesley Snipes’ second wife and mother of Iset, Nakyung “Nikki” Park, is an artist and painter.

She has three siblings: Alaafin Jehu-t Snipes, Akhenaten Kihwa-T Snipes, and Alimayu Moa-T Snipes. She is the only child of her father, Wesley, and has an elder half-sister, Jelani Asar Snipes.

The lifestyle of Iset Jua-T Snipes

Wesley Snipes’ only kid, Iset Jua-T Snipes, was born on July 31, 2001. Her mother, Nikki Park, is from South Korea. Wesley Snipes also has a home in South Korea, which he calls his “second home.” Yet, Wesley and Nikki married in 2003 after the birth of their daughter.

There is no information available concerning Iset’s or her siblings’ personal lives. Maybe she and her mother, Nikki, don’t want to be in the spotlight and would rather spend their lives away from it all.

Iset Jua-T Snipes
Caption: Iset Jua-T Snipes is the only sister of her four brothers. Source: Plaxo Badge

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Iset Jua-T Snipes Is The Only Sister Among Her Four Brothers

Akhenaten Kihwa-T Snipes, Alimayu Moa-T Snipes, and Alaafia Jehu-T Snipes, as well as an elder half-sister Jelani Asar Snipes, are Jua-T Snipes’ siblings. Her eldest brother Jelani is from Wesley’s ex-wife April Dubois, while her three other brothers are from her mother Nikki. The official couple, Wesley and April, divorced in 1990.

Only one of her four brothers, and she, has a sister. This image was taken from Plaxo Badge.

When it comes to her parents, the media has photographed them multiple times. Only Iset’s father remains a topic of discussion. The happy couple, though, appears to be still together and enjoying their marriage.

Name Meaning: Iset Jua-T Snipes

Iset, which means “she” of the Throne in Egyptian, is Isis’ Egyptian form. Princess Iset of Egypt

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