Meet Instagrammer Erna Husko: About Her Career, Surgery, Boyfriend, & More

Erna Husko is an Instagram model and a fitness instructor from Finland and Estonia. Husko is well-known for her buttocks-focused online fitness instruction. The health expert and content developer is well known for her exercise advice.

Erna Husko primarily grabs attention by posting videos of her working out in the gym and displaying her toned physique on her microblogs. She thus rose to fame in November 2021 after one of her TikTok videos received more than 43 million views.

The video eventually gained international notoriety. Troye Sivan, an Australian singer, and others have mocked the Husko video on their TikTok accounts. Husko may be of some interest even outside of Europe with around 400k Ig followers and 1.5 million Tiktok subscribers. Therefore, be aware of her path to fame, her early years, and her personal life.

Husko, Erna grew up in Estonia

Husko, officially Erna Huskolla, was born in Estonia on August 27, 1997. With her sister and parents, she relocated to Tallinn from Turku at the age of 12 to pursue a career as a figure skater on a global scale. She was a professional when she was young.

Husko would return to her native Finland in 2019. She claims that everything took place because she needed to mature as a person. She discussed how much she still had to accomplish in life and how Tallinn was too little for her in one of her YouTube videos.

Following her participation in fitness model competitions, Erna Husko rose to fame.

Throughout her participation in the Fitness Model 2017 competition, Husko attracted much attention. Her age at the time was 19. By September 2017, several regional and global newspapers had begun to feature the blonde/silver-haired fitness expert.

She quickly rose to prominence for her “butt photographs” and buttocks-training regimen.

In 2020, Husko competed in the Wellness Model Competition final. She is also one of the four participants in the Discovery+ television series, Fitness Diaries 2022.

Additionally, she owns a clothing business called Coco Erna. Her debut clothes release is from Erna’s second clothing company, The Confidence Collection.

She also works as a trainer in Finland at Golden Booty Gym.

A Figure Skater

Erna Husko was a figure skater before she became a fitness instructor. Years into her professional career, the girl eventually quit focusing on fitness.

In May 2018, Husko discussed her decision to end her skating career with MyHits.

“In terms of figure skating, everything ultimately got out of hand. I was quite underweight.

said the young adult from Scandinavia.

She also recalled weighing less than 97 pounds and talked about how the exercises were giving her less energy and strength than they used to.

Husko determined that one of the primary factors in her decision to leave figure skating was trauma. She added that she stopped hunger after going to the gym and started eating healthier meals, which significantly impacted her diet.

She began assisting other females in the struggle against excess weight after deciding to lead a healthy lifestyle.

An unnamed source for the web Elu24 said in December 2021 that Husko had hired a plastic surgeon to increase the size of her buttocks.

Erna Husko denied having surgery to increase the size of her butt.

Erna Husko has been accused of using artificial means to increase the size of her butt, but the Instagram fitness instructor insists that it is natural and the result of her hard work. Source: Ad on Instagram
The informant went on to say that the treatment was paid for by the individual who drove a silver Lamborghini around, who is probably well-known Estonian businessman Karim Barak.

However, the previous pageant denied these accusations. She stated on multiple occasions that her exceptional form was solely the result of consistent training.

Despite admitting to having had breast surgery, Erna Husko

Her admission of having surgery for her breasts led to rumors that she had also had surgery on her butt.

In one of the “Fitness Diary” segments, AD Huska acknowledged that she had undergone breast augmentation.

She claimed that her buttocks were trainable, but that couldn’t be true of her breasts. She insists that no surgeon was involved in developing her infamous butt and that it was the result of a lot of hard work.

People find it difficult to comprehend that buttocks can be trained, but breasts cannot.

Husko dominated.

She continued by saying that all she had ever done was train for countless hours and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Has Husko ever dated anyone?

Erna has acknowledged that she was in a toxic relationship, even if her present romantic partner is not included in the descriptions. Despite her admission, she was the one at fault.

She spoke candidly about one of her past relationships in episode 11 of the Fitness Diary 2022, revealing how she had lied to her lover.

The beauty activist claimed she was a horrible and dishonest person to her significant other in the past, but the same thing occurred to her in another relationship, which she acknowledged made her feel bad.

She thought Karma was at work. Husko claimed that the pain left her in shock and that the Finnish international could not bear it for long. She also claimed that she had been in shock for a few days.

Husko, however, omitted to identify her ex-partner.

Some Websites Do Suggestion She Has A Fiance.

When Erna Husko mentioned that she was tired of her followers acting out of line in the December 2021 edition of the Fitness Diaries, the news that she had a fiancé broke.

She claimed that in recent years, fan behavior has become obscene. The Nordic national contended that some of them even showed up at her fiancĂ©’s doorstep and pursued him.

The Finnish-Estonian trainer admitted that she seldom ever spends time by herself in public. But she still kept mum about who her future husband was.

Other Erna Husko Information

Husko made a staggering 176,741 euros in a single year, according to IS releasing the tax information of several well-known people in 2020.

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