Chris Carlos: Juliana Carlos Husband, Some Untold Facts About Her

Chris Carlos is a wealthy investor from Georgia who comes from one of Atlanta’s most well-known and philanthropic families. He is well-known for being a partner in Republic National Distributing Co, which is reportedly the second-largest distributor of premium wine and spirits in the United States.

Chris Carlos is also a philanthropist, contributing to a number of local charities and nonprofits. Chris is also a millionaire in his fifties who has been running his family business for many years.

Carlos is also known for his relationship with Juliana Carlos, a much younger Instagram model. In fact, the couple was recently involved in a headline that also included a well-known NBA player. In the true stories below, you can learn everything there is to know about Chris Carlos, including his wealthy ancestry, business life, political stance, personal affair, and more.

Chris Carlos, an Atlanta native, comes from a wealthy Family

Chris G. Carlos, the wine expert, was born in August 1965. Carlos, who is now 57 years old, is an Atlanta native.

Chris comes from a business family; his grandfather founded Dixie Wine in 1935, which later became National Distributing Company.

The Carlos family also established the Michael C Carlos Museum at Emory University and has donated millions of dollars to charitable organizations and foundations. Juliana’s husband, Chris, is the son of former NDC Chairman and CEO Michael C. Carlos and Thalia N. Carlos.

His father was the former chairman and CEO of NDC, and he died of cancer in December 2002. Chris also lost his mother to a stroke in May 2011.

His Schooling

Chris, the owner of the winery, attended Woodward Academy. He later attended the University of Floria and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Chris Carlos, Juliana Carlos’s husband, is a well-known businessman

Chris Carlos is a partner at Republic National Distributing Co, RNDC, the country’s second-largest distributor of premium wine and spirits.

Republic National Distributing Company LLC is well-known throughout the country for wholesale and distribution of alcoholic beverages. In the United States, the company sells wines, beers, liquors, and other related products.

Chris founded RNDC from NDC National Distributing Company, and he is in charge of expanding NDC, his family’s business, into South Carolina and beyond.

Republic National Distributing Company currently distributes wine and spirits in nearly two dozen states. Only Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits, based in Miami, distributes in 35 states.

In Jacksonville, Florida, the University of Florida graduate began his career in the winery as a merchandiser. Carlos began working for National Distributing Company in 1985.

The former business student went on to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s operations by working in many of their facilities and the local business from the ground up. He later became the company’s Executive Vice President of Georgia and launched NDC’s beer division in Atlanta.

Carlos previously served on the March of Dimes Board of Directors as well as committees for organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Hospital, and Murphy’s Heart.

Carlos Is A Philanthropist As Well

Chris is a philanthropist who supports local charities and nonprofits such as the Atlanta Ballet and the Atlanta Zoo. His civic and philanthropic activities include support for Emory University’s Carlos Museum as well as other local nonprofits such as The Atlanta Ballet and The Atlanta Zoo.

The first houses an art collection that includes ancient objects from around the world. The museum was named after Chris’s father. Carlos is also a trustee for the Atlanta Ballet.

He was also named “Philanthropist of the Year” by the Association of Fund-Raising Professionals’ Atlanta chapter.

The Relationship Between Chris and Julian Carlos

Chris and his wife Juliana reportedly met in early 2019 on a ‘blind double date’ set up by their friends. They dated for a year before announcing their engagement in August 2020.

Juliana once shared a video of Carlos proposing to her during a vacation at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita in Mexico. In 2020, the couple will marry over Christmas.

They are now said to divide their time between Atlanta and Florida. Juliana and Carlos are very different in age; the former is in her mid-20s, while the latter is in his 50s. Juliana, Chris’ wife, also has a YouTube channel where she posts makeup tutorials.

Chris is the father of two ex-wives

Chris was previously married to Merry Leigh Hodges and model Nicole Carlos. He also has three adult children from his first marriage to Merry, a businesswoman.

And some of them are said to have their own children. Chris’ children from his marriage to Merry frequently appear on his Instagram account with Juliana. Nicole Jockisch is Carlos’ second wife. Carlos, on the other hand, was a Hawaiian Tropic model in the past. They appear to have a son together.

Chris Carlos and his wife were asked to leave the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Atlanta Hawks in 2021.

Chris Carlos and his wife Juliana were forced to leave a basketball game in February 2021 after yelling at LA Lakers star LeBron James. Following the incident, Carlos’ wife took to Instagram to express her displeasure with how security and officials removed them from VIP seats.

On Monday night, Carlos and Juliana attended the Hawks-Lakers game. Carlos’ wife allegedly claimed LeBron James started an altercation with her husband Chris while the couple was watching the game.

Juliana was aware that they were allegedly insulting each other. She then rose to defend her husband against the basketball star. However, security and ushers quickly stopped them and asked them to leave.

Juliana later discussed the incident on Instagram. She stated on Instagram that her husband Chris had been watching the games for ten years and may have had issues with LeBron. She insisted, however, that she had no problem with the shooting guard.

Juliana explained that she only fought LeBron because she thought the Lakers’ number six was speaking to Chris. Mrs. Carlos claimed that when she confronted the basketball player from Ohio, he told her, ‘Sit the f-k down, b**.’ However, security footage later revealed that LeBron did not use such words.

However, in a video of the incident, James can be heard calling Chris Carlos a “ol’ steroid ass,” according to The Athletic. Following the game and the Carlos couple incident, the NBA Champion addressed the clip on Twitter, writing, “Courtside Karen was MAD MAD!!”

Juliana apologized on Instagram for the incident

Later that month, in February, Juliana apologized on her Instagram story for what happened at the game. Carlos’ wife explained her behavior in her Ig story, saying,

“To say things heated up at yesterday’s game would be an understatement, and I apologize for losing my cool and removing my mask in the heat of the moment.”

What should have been a quick back-and-forth between two adults became heated, and her natural instinct to defend the man she loves took over.

Juliana Carlos, who admitted to becoming defensive and using offensive language later in the message, stated that she was willing to accept full responsibility. James claimed he and Chris were arguing during the game, but later admitted Carlos “went a little bit out of bounds.”

The incident was also downplayed by the four-time NBA champion and four-time MVP. He claimed that the fans did not deserve to leave during the game and blamed their actions on alcohol.

As a result, following the February 2021 incident, Chris posted some images on his now-private Instagram page showing him sitting behind the basketball player during a 2017 game.

Chris said in another post from the same game that LeBron “almost sat his big ass on his wallet and phone.” LeBron has previously chastised Chris for his political contributions to Republican causes.

The NDC heir from Atlanta had also targeted former President Obama online. Chris shared an offensive meme in 2016 with the caption, ‘He could go down as the worst president in the history of this country.’

Chris’s Latest Basketball Scandal

Juliana and Chris’ incident in 2021 wasn’t the first time the wine merchant and his partner caused a commotion on the basketball court.

Chris’ ex-wife Nicole Jockisch Carlos (Nicole Jockisch Carlos) drew a lot of flak in January 2017 when she showed off her cleavage at an Eagles-76ers game.

Chris Carlos is a Republican supporter

Chris appears to be a staunch Republican supporter. He and other Republicans once gave thousands of dollars to Republican David Perdue in the Georgia Senate race.

Despite this, Perdue was unable to secure the victory. Carlos has donated nearly $30,000 to Purdue’s campaigns between 2014 and the present, with more than half of that amount being spent (in vain) on the most recent election cycle.

According to the website Open Secrets, Chris has also given money to Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and numerous other Republican officials and organizations.

Chris has also contributed significantly to the Republican National Committee, donating up to $2,800 with each contribution. On the other hand, there were instances where Chris donated to Democrats; however, these were far too numerous.

This includes a $500 donation to John Lewis in 2008 and more than $5,000 in two separate donations to Chuck Schumer, a Democrat and the current Senate Majority Leader. According to other sources, Chris’ family has also contributed around $10 million to the political objectives.

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