Meet Henry Lee White – Jack White’s Son and Ex-Wife Karen Elson

Henry Lee White, the youngest child of American singer and multi-instrumentalist Jack White, was born in August 2007. Scarlett Teresa White’s younger brother, Henry, is a charming young man.

White and Karen Elson, White’s former supermodel wife, met in 2005 and fell in love right away. The couple married on June 1, 2005, after only a few weeks of dating, and now have two gorgeous children, Scarlett Teresa and Henry Lee. However, the ex-lovebirds’ relationship ended in June 2011.

Custody Battle Between The Parents

The former love couple called it quits in 2013 after nearly a decade together. The couple divorced amicably and even had a party to celebrate the occasion. The problem developed when the parents couldn’t agree on who would be in charge of their children. After a lengthy legal struggle, Jack and Karen agreed that the mother would be the primary residential parent for the two beautiful children. Similarly, Scarlett Teresa and Henry Lee, a 43-year-old singer, are allotted around 150 days every year to spend with their father.

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Henry Lee White
Caption: The ex-couple, Karen and her husband Jack White share two adorable children source: Pinterest

Jack, a garage rocker, earns roughly $62,000 each month, but White is due for $3,200 in child support per month, according to his divorce agreement. Karen filed a restraining order against her ex-husband, alleging harassment. Karen, a joyful mother of two, walks a fine line on her second album, Double Roses, between publicly exposing her pain and her commitment to her children.

Son Henry Thinks His Father is a Wizard

Father Henry revealed in an interview that he had installed microphones under his eaves so that he could hear rain better. Henry, the son of a famous musician, believes that his father has influence over the weather because he can make the rain fall harder. Aside from that, the microphone installation has aroused considerable debate, and White has been accused of having some strange parenting skills.

Henry Lee White: Baby Name Meaning

Henry is a lovely name that combines English and French. The name “Henry” is derived from the elements of a Germanic given name “haim” or “heim” and “ric.” The terms “heim” and “ric” denote “power and ruler,” respectively.

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