Matthew Lintz Bio, Age, Weight, Parents, Height, Nationality, Instagram, Net Worth

Matthew Lintz’s resume as a young actor is already impressive. He is best known for his roles as Matthew in Pixels and Henry in the AMC television show The Walking Dead.

Matthew has also appeared in Kill the Messenger, Pirahna 3DD, The Crazies, Army Wives, A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song, The Alienist, and many other films.

Mr. Matthew Lintz: Age, Family

Matthew, who was born on May 23, 2001, spent his childhood in Georgia with his family, making wonderful childhood memories.

His mother, Kelly Collins Lintz, is an actress, so he was raised in an acting family. Madison Lintz, Macsen Lintz, and Mackenzie Lintz, his other three siblings, are also in the film industry.

Madison, Matthew’s older sister, played Carol’s daughter, Sophia, in seasons one and two of The Walking Dead. In the same series, his younger brother, Macsen, played the younger version of the character, Henry.

Matthew, who stands 5 feet 712 inches (1.72 meters) tall, has not revealed anything about his educational background.

Is Matthew Lintz Dating?

In contrast to Matthew’s career, his dating status and information about his girlfriend are unknown. He has never been open with the media about his love life.

Even though his love life is hidden off-screen, it is not hidden on-screen. Matthew bonds with and falls in love with Lydia in the television show The Walking Dead.

Despite the danger, Lydia plants a kiss on his lips and flaunts their romance on-screen.

On-screen, Matthew has demonstrated both his acting and romantic abilities. People will hopefully get to learn about Matthew’s off-screen romance someday.

Mr. Matthew Lintz: The Walking Dead

Matthew recently finished working on The Walking Dead. The show is based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book of the same name. After a zombie bit Carl, Matthew appeared on the show.

In the series, he is known as Prince Henry, the only survivor of the outbreak. He and his brother, Benjamin, live in the kingdom, but unfortunately, his brother dies. After his brother dies, Henry (Matthew) seeks vengeance and seeks the murderer of his brother.

Henry is later adopted by Ezekiel and Carol Peletier, with whom he lives for six years. He moves to the Hilltop Colony when he reaches the age of adolescence to become the apprentice of the community’s blacksmith, Earl Sutton.

Henry learns to fight with a stick in order to exact revenge on his brother’s death. Later, he learns of his brother’s death at the hands of Jared, who appears in the final scene.

Matthew’s acting ability impressed the audience throughout the series. However, he has also made an equal effort to persuade the media and the public that he should play a different character.

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